Riddim Rider Vol. 21 ~ Top Flossing
Charm-Jet Star
CD / 2LP
April 18, 2005

Track list
  1. Prove Your Love - Vybz Kartel & Kris Kelly
  2. Wine Pon It (Edit) - Elephant Man
  3. My Man Ain't Leaving - Lady Saw & Tami Chin
  4. Share You - Mad Cobra
  5. Red Hills (Edit) - Ward 21
  6. The System - Sizzla
  7. Question & Answer - Macka Diamond & Predator
  8. Take Me Home - Danny English & Terry Ann
  9. Party Time - Tony Curtis & Merciless
  10. Rude Boy Town - Zum Jay
  11. Gangsters - Alozade & Chico
  12. Trust Nothing After Dark - Kiprich
  13. Long Time Girl - Lexxus
  14. Let Me Be - Hawkeye
  15. Top Flossing - Delly Ranks
  16. It's Alright - Jah Mason
  17. Don't Waste My Time - Turbulence
  18. Never Give Up - D'Aville
  19. Straight Up - Gentleman
  20. Ready To Party - Christopher & Alley Cat
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Richard 'Richie B' Burgess rose rose to prominence with his production of the riddims featured on the "Cultural Merger Vol. 4" and "Cultural Merger Vol. 5" compilations that both featured refurnished version of classic riddims like The Ethiopians 'The Whip' and Cornell Campbell's 'Queen Of The Minstrels' and two fresh original riddims all laid by experienced musicians such as Firehouse Crew, Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson, David Madden, Paul Kastick, Computer Paul and Dalton Brownie. Crisp & daring riddims are Richie B's trademark, and this time the 'assistants' are of an even higher level. Music credits are for dancehalls these days omnipresent combination of producer Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett of Don Corleon Records and his sidekick Nigel Staff, and the musicians on this mid-tempo freshly arranged bounce are Ward 21's Kunley, Mean Dog, Suku & Rumblood, so expectations may rise to a very high level, and that's justified by the tunes on this set. Opening it is the combination of Vybz Kartel's fine flow and the irresistable singing of Kriss Kelly in "Prove Your Love", a tune with nuff crossover-appeal, that is followed by Elephant Man's slackness in "Wine Pon It" don't waste time pon it and another excellent combination; Lady Saw joined by sexy voiced Tami Chin who emphasizes the female DJs "My Man Ain't Leaving" with her girl stop pretending / that your marriage ain't ending / you need understanding / for this there's no mending / my baby ain't leaving / cos if he does he'll be grieving / and i know that you need him / but i'm the one he believes in. Mad Cobra also contributes a very convincing effort, his "Share You", as do Ward 21 with "Red Hills" about (not wanting to have sex with) woman in their period and Sizzla with "The System" - probably the BPM-counter for this tune stays low enough for him to be in sync with the riddim - and yet another great combination combining Predator's mi no Bobby Brown and Macka Diamond's will you mash mi up in their "Question & Answer" about domestic violence. Danny English sandpaper-voice is counteracted by Terry Ann begging him to "Take Me Home", before Tony Curtis (who already proved to be back with his "No Unity" on the 'Ruckus'-riddim) cements his position alongside Merciless (who started his alleged comeback with "Village Ram" on the same riddim) on the bashment bounce of "Party Time". Zumjay's "Rude Boy Town" is delivered in fine style and lyrically strong, and the same applies to Chico & Alozade's thematically related excellent "Gangsters" and Kiprich' "Trust Nothing After Dark". Time to switch back to lovers themes again with Lexus "Long Time Girl" and Hawkeye's "Let Me Be" with its L. O. V. E. -intro before Delly Ranks delivers the wicked "Top Flossing" that gave the riddim its name. Often neglected very powerful Bobo-singjays Jah Mason and Turbulence both chip in with very fine efforts, the lovers tunes "It's Alright" and the bit more forcing my love on you "Don't Waste My Time". My favorite singer DaVille excels in "Never Give Up" and is followed by German singjay Gentleman who proves in "Straight Up" that his more roots oriented style hasn't had any negative impact on his ability to lick over more dancehall oriented riddims. Christopher continues his way back to the top alongside Alley Cat in their "Ready To Party" and that's exactly the feeling you get when listening to this riddim. Richie B has released an excellent riddim on which all singers and DJs unleash great tunes. Only one minus, the album lacks a clean riddim version.