Various artists album review
Top Jigga Dancehall
Brickwall Records-Walboomers Music
18 - 02 - 2000

Tracking list - Disc 1 : Straight Mix

  1. Lexxus - Make Some Money
  2. Delicate - Benjamins
  3. Capleton - Twist And Turn
  4. Future Troubles - Jiggy Wid It
  5. Simpleton - City Lock
  6. Delly Ranks - Deh Bout Nuff
  7. Captain Barkey - Twingy Twanga
  8. Anthony B - Jailhouse
  9. General B - Pon Ends
  10. Max Wayne & Black Rat - Nah Drop Shield
  11. Ninja Ford - Girls Appointment
  12. Jigsy King - Wah Dis
  13. Red Dragon - Yu Body Good
  14. Power Man - Borrow Gun
  15. Mr. Mutton & Platinum - Dainty Body
  16. Problem Child - Your Only Man
Tracking list - Disc 2 : Live Dancehall Mix by Stone Love
  1. Delicate - Benjamins
  2. Mr. Mutton & Platinum - Dainty Body
  3. Captain Barkey - Twingy Twanga
  4. Power Man - Borrow Gun
  5. Problem Child - Your Only Man
  6. Delly Ranks - Deh Bout Nuff
  7. Future Troubles - Jiggy Wid It
  8. Simpleton - City Lock
  9. Max Wayne & Black Rat - Nah Drop Shield
  10. Red Dragon - Yu Body Good
  11. Jigsy King - Wah Dis
  12. Lexxus - Make Some Money
  13. Ninja Ford - Girls Appointment
  14. Anthony B - Jailhouse
  15. General B - Pon Ends
  16. Capleton - Twist And Turn
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4

The compilation set "Top Jigga Dancehall" brings a relentless 'one riddim' shower on the fast-paced "Jigga" riddim, laid by respected musicians Sly & Robbie, Lloyd "Gitsy" Willis and Christopher Birch for 'Slam Productions'. This double CD set first delivers the straight tracks and then, the same tracks in a 'juggling stylee', expertly mixed by Stone Love's "Father Pow" Niko Bam Bam.
At the moment Lexxus is one of the most popular entertainers in Jamaica as he hypes up Dancehall fans with tunes like "Cook" and "Ring Mi Cellie". With "Make Some Money", the album opener, 'Mr. Mawga Boy' delivers a noteworthy and enjoyable Dancehall tune. Next is the much promising newcomer Delicate who attracts attention with his solid cut to the riddim. He's truly an artist to watch for in the future. Capleton is definitely one of the hottest deejays in Jamaica right now. With his fiery message the 'Prophet' has been mashing up the place in every Dancehall. "Twist and Turn" belongs to Capleton's standout tunes and will make his fans go wild. Future Troubles got famous when he introduced his "Kung Fu" act. After that little was heard of this gruff-voiced deejay, but lately he has delivered some nice recordings, solo or in combination style, His "Jiggy Wid It" is one of those nice efforts. The same goes for the contributions of Simpleton, Delly Ranks and Captain Barkey. Then, Anthony B delivers an above average cautionary tune in his well known style, followed by Monster Shack Crew member General B who puts out a decent effort with "Pon Ends". Newcomers Max Wayne & Black Rat - the latter being a clone of Red Rat - fail to make a real impression. Ninja Ford, Jigsy King, Red Dragon and Powerman's deliveries are well worth spinning, but it's the combination song "Dainty Body" from newcomers Mr. Mutton & Platinum that actually brings the real excitement. Another newcomer is Problem Child, whose "Your Only Man" happens to be a satisfying effort.
So, Dancehall fans...if you haven't purchased the 45s yet this is your chance to collect sixteen pieces on the "Jigga" riddim in one fell swoop !

Teacher & Mr. T.