Various artists album review
Trojan Dancehall Box Set ~ Limited Edition
Triple CD box set
10 - 09 - 2000

Tracking list

    Disc 1 (Brand New For You)
  1. Island In The Sun-Peter Ranking & General Lucky
  2. Raindrops Keep Falling-Philip Fraser
  3. A Man Is King-Mike Brooks
  4. Your Love Is Real-Barry Brown
  5. No Watch That-U Brown
  6. Wise Man-Winston Jarrett
  7. My Brethren Party-Don Carlos
  8. One Heart-Mike Brooks
  9. Confusion-Johnny Slaughter
  10. Poor Man-Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter
  11. Sensie Man-Mike Brooks
  12. Midnight Confession-U Brown
  13. I'm Hurting Inside-Winston Jarrett
  14. Donkey Want Water-Yellowman & Fathead
  15. World Of Confusion-Michael Prophet
  16. Detour-Viceroys
  17. Touch Me Take Me-Tristan Palmer
   Disc 2 (Rhythm Rampage)
  1. Shank I Shenk-Dean Fraser Featuring Sister Candy
  2. Shank I Shenk-Suger Minott
  3. Shank I Shenk-Ital Vibes
  4. Shank I Shenk-Tristan Palmer
  5. Ababa John I-Don Carlos
  6. Sandra Dee Buy Big House For Me-Purpleman
  7. Obey Your Mother And Father-Simple Simon
  8. Ram-A-Jam-General Lucky & Peter Ranking
  9. Heavenless-Dean Fraser
  10. Trod Along Natty Dreadlocks-Neville Brown
  11. Got To Tell The People-Cornell Campbell
  12. Friday Night Jamboree-Jah Thomas
  13. Shank I Shenk-U Brown
  14. Right Time-Toyan
  15. Shank I Shenk-Ranking Joe
  16. Shank I Shenk-King Tubby's
    Disc 3 (Dancehall Connection)
  1. Cuss Cuss-Lloyd Robinson
  2. The Right Time-Neville Brown
  3. King On The Way-Purpleman
  4. A Friend In Need-Roots Radic
  5. Get Out Of Hand-Neville Mitchell
  6. Sweet Reggae Music-Barrington Levy
  7. Let's Go To The Blues-Barry Brown
  8. King Tubby's Rockers-Roots Radic
  9. Bad Company-Earl Sixteen
  10. The World And It's People-Derrick Pitter
  11. Patrolling-Roots Radics
  12. Angela-Michael Palmer
  13. Collie Weed-Barrington Levy
  14. Baby Your Loving-Anthony Johnson
  15. Second Hand Girl-Roots Radics
  16. Laser Beam-Don Carlos
  17. Nuff Stylee-Poppa Tollo
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4

Trojan Records continues to release "limited edition" triple cd box sets, which happen to be nicely packaged selections coming out of their extensive vaults. This box set concentrates on the dancehall craze which reigned Jamaica from the late seventies to the mid eighties. A whole new generation of mainly young singers launched their careers and several new producers rose to prominance.
Disc One opens with two vital licks across the M16 aka Secretly riddim from the combination Peter Ranking & General Lucky and Philip Fraser. Horace Andy voiced 'Just Say Who' for Studio One and here Barry Brown and U Brown ride the riddim inna cool and deadly fashion. Roots singer Don Carlos comes up with a nice Bunny Lee produced side entitled My Brethren Party. Top of the bill deejay Yellowman teams up with Fathead and their tune Donkey Want Water is a real dancehall scorcher. Further interesting tunes on Disc One are Detour by the Viceroys, Mike Brooks' Sensie Man and Midnight Confession by the aforementioned U Brown.
Disc Two is strictly 'worries inna de dance' ! It's devoted to the 'versioning' phenomenon and showcases the most popular recuts from that time. Hotter than hot is the 'Shank I Sheck' riddim, originally done by Bobby Ellis for producer Sonia Pottinger. Here you'll find seven burning licks across this riddim done by dancehall stalwarts Sugar Minott, Triston Palmer, Ranking Joe and U Brown. The Real Rock and Heavenless riddims were both created at Studio One, by the Soul Vendors and Don Drummond respectively. Both have been recut numerous times and here you'll find four cuts of each. Don Carlos delivers the straight vocal versionof the Real rock version, entitled Ababa John I, Purpleman folows with his deejay interpretation, then comes Simple Simon (or is this Eek A Mouse ??) with Obey Your Mother & Father. Finally the combination Peter Ranking & General Lucky closes this riddim excursion with Ram A Jam. Saxophonist Dean Fraser blows his horn in a superb manner on Heavenless. Neville Brown takes over and sweet voiced Cornell Campbell comes up with his version called Got To Tell The People. Producer Jah Thomes ends this riddim rampaga with Friday Night Jamaboree across the Triston Palmer hit tune 'Entertainment'.
Disc Three is a sampler for the Trojan Dancehall Series. Thus far the company has issued a handful of sets. Noteworthy on this disc is the eighties Lloyd Robinson recut of Cuss Cuss. The disc also includes some quality dubs from the Roots Radics such as A Friend In Need, King Tubby's Rockers, Patrolling and Second Hand Girl. Dancehall classics like Earl Sixteen's Bad Company, Sweet Reggae Music and Collie Weed both by Barringtomn Levy, Don Carlos' Laser Beam and the deejay cut from Poppa Tullo have been included as well.
The Dancehall Box Set offers a crucial and vital overview of the dancehall era between 1979 and 1984, just before the digital riddims arrived. Essential package !

Teacher & Mr. T.