Trojan Dancehall Roots Box Set
Trojan Records
Triple CD Box Set
May 18, 2005

Track list

  1. We Must Unite - The Viceroys
  2. Lead Us Jah Jah - Barry Brown
  3. One Heart - Mikey Brooks
  4. Unite Brotherman - Dennis Brown
  5. Tribulation - Don Carlos
  6. We Are Going (Back Home) - Sugar Minott
  7. Mr. Babylon - Little John
  8. Peace And Love (In The Ghetto) - Tristan Palmer
  9. Fight Against Corruption - Cornell Campbell
  10. Face The Devil - The Wailing Souls
  11. Can't Leave Jah - Johnny Osbourne
  12. Morgan The Pirate - The Mighty Diamonds
  13. Working For My Saviour - Prince Far I
  14. Jah Love (Aka Know Yourself Mankind) - Anthony Johnson
  15. Jah The Creator - Barrington Levy
  16. Jah Is The Master - Earl Sixteen
  17. Jah Jah Rock - Israel Vibration

  1. Living As A Brother - Barry Brown
  2. Time So Hard - Tristan Palmer
  3. Leaders Of Black Country - The Mighty Diamonds
  4. Got To Tell The People - Cornell Campbell
  5. They Can't Stop Us Now - The Viceroys
  6. Little Village - Dennis Brown
  7. Money Is Not All - Mikey Brooks
  8. Sweet Africa - Don Carlos
  9. One Of A Kind - Charlie Chaplin
  10. Live Right - Johnny Osbourne
  11. Jah Guide I - Little John
  12. Follow Them Footstep (Aka Those Men Were Great Men) - Anthony Johnson
  13. Peace And Love - Barrington Levy
  14. Mr Big More - The Wailing Souls
  15. Jah Is The Way - Israel Vibration
  16. What You Gonna Do On The Judgement Day - Prince Far I

  1. The Judgement Come - Cornell Campbell
  2. Natty Dread Have Him Credential - Don Carlos
  3. Got To Praise Jah Jah - Tristan Palmer
  4. Mr C.I.D. - Barry Brown
  5. Crisis - Earl Sixteen
  6. Living My Culture - Mikey Brooks
  7. Bad Boy - The Mighty Diamonds
  8. Too Much Pleasure - Leroy Smart
  9. I'm Toiling On - The Viceroys
  10. Jah - Barrington Levy
  11. I Want To Know (Only Jah Jah) - Sugar Minott
  12. Every Time I Hear The Word - Prince Far I
  13. Praises Unto Jah - Israel Vibration
  14. Walk With Jah - Charlie Chaplin
  15. What Kind Of Herb - Anthony Johnson
  16. Bring The Sensi Come - Johnny Osbourne
  17. Sensi Man - Bobby Melody
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3 Sleeve : 5
There can be no doubt that Sanctuary have turned round the fortunes of Trojan over the last few years, overseeing a consistently outstanding re-issue programme. "Scratchy Sounds", "Haul and Pull Up" and the great retrospective collections from Tappa Zukie's Stars label as well as the fine selections from Delroy Wilson's and Alton Ellis' career were commendable -- indispensable purchases for any serious roots follower, matching the quality of Pressure Sounds and Blood and Fire.

This album though is something of a potboiler and filler -- One can't essentially fault the tunes compiled here -- it is a very reasonable selection, with some excellent stand out music -- the only problem is, however, that there is too much overlap with other previously released Trojan albums to validate its own sense of identity as a cohesive, original project. Nearly all the tracks have seen release before.

However, if you haven't been following Trojan's re-issue programme of the last five years, then this album will have value for you --

CD 1 has the meditational and thoughtful beauty of The Viceroys' "We Must Unite" -- leisurely and calm, expressing wisdom and insight. CD 2 features the Tappa Zukie /Mighty Diamonds production, "Leaders of Black Countries" with its slow, melancholy brooding rhythm and conscious lyric criticising the corruption of African leadership.

Mikey Brookes offers the excellent anti-materialist and compassionate "Money is Not All" : It is another clear high point of this album, reminding the listener -- without falling into anecdotal cliche -- that there is more to life than possessions and exploiting others for personal gain.

Once again, the much under rated Viceroys lead CD 2 with the tranquil intelligence and relentless Radics style vibrations of "You Can't Stop Us Know.".

The late Prince Far - I is represented by a brittle, harsh mettalic rhythm with shimmering percussion on "What Ya Gonna Do On Judgement Day."

CD 3 features an Earl 16 tune "Crisis", which has recently been versioned by Jah Warrior, albeit inna digital style.

To reiterate -- this selection certainly has much to commend it -- but is simply spoiled by the fact that most of it has been released before. Besides that, some of the Dennis Brown mid 80's tracks appearing on these Trojan compilations, as well as the Barry Brown, Linval Thompson, Jah Thomas and Don Carlos tracks do need some quality control -- all too often, they do not represent those artists at their peak.

A reasonable purchase then, if you haven't kept up to speed with the entirety of Trojan's comprehensive re-issue programme.