Trojan Rockers Box Set ~ Limited Edition
Trojan Records
Triple CD Box Set
November 21, 2006

Track list

Disc 1.
  1. Linval Thompson - Rockers
  2. John Holt - Up Park Camp
  3. Johnny Clarke & Clint Eastwood - (Just Call Me) African Roots (12" mix)
  4. Errol Dunkley - Stop Your Gun Shooting (12" mix)
  5. Junior Ross & The Spear - Rasta Come From Zion
  6. Leroy Smart - I Don't Like It (12" mix)
  7. Dennis Brown - Whip Them Jah
  8. Junior Byles - Weeping
  9. Horace Andy - Money Money (The Root Of All Evil)
  10. Gregory Isaacs - Black Kill A Black (12" mix)
  11. Lee 'Scratch' Perry - White Belly Rat
  12. Ronnie Davis - Nation Against Nation
  13. I Roy - Crisis Time
  14. Junior Murvin - Roots Train (Number One)
  15. Jackie Mittoo & The Aggrovators - Channel One Crash
  16. Mike Brooks - Fighting Your Brethren
  17. Gregory Isaacs - Set The Captives Free
Disc 2.
  1. Dennis Brown - Children Of Israel
  2. Leo Graham - Voodooism (12" mix)
  3. The Ethiopians - Obeah Book
  4. Junior Delgado - Devil's Throne
  5. I Roy - Point Blank
  6. Devon Irons & Doctor Alimanado - Ketch Vampire
  7. The Morwells - In God We Trust
  8. Cornell Campbell - Control Your Daughters (12" mix)
  9. Gregory Isaacs - Slave Master (aka Paymaster)
  10. Tommy McCook & Bobby Ellis - Smiling Rockers
  11. Earth & Stone - No Wicked In A Zion (aka Wicked Have Fe Dressback)
  12. Johnny Clarke - Just Give Up Badness (12" mix)
  13. Gladstone Anderson - Holy Mount Zion
  14. The Seekers - Jah Jah Say (aka Jah Know You)
  15. Jacob Miller & The Inner Circle - Tired Fe Lick Weed A Bush
  16. Lloyd Charmers - R.O.C.K. (Rockers)
Disc 3.
  1. Frankie Jones - Living The Life We Love
  2. I Roy - The Godfather
  3. The In Crowd - Back A Yard
  4. Johnny Clarke - Peace And Love In The Ghetto
  5. Tapper Zukie & The Musical Intimidators - New Star
  6. The Heptones - Oh Jah
  7. Jackie Mittoo & The Aggrovators - A Revolting Rockers
  8. The Royals - My Sweat Turns To Blood
  9. Knowledge - Words, Sounds And Power
  10. Barry Brown - Step It Up Youthman
  11. Sugar Minott - In The Residence
  12. Freddie Mcgregor - Jah Can Count On I
  13. Israel Vibration - Lift Up Your Conscience
  14. Linval Thompson - If I Follow My Heart (12" mix)
  15. Junior Delgado - Warrior
  16. Bim Sherman - Down In Jamdown
  17. Cornel Campbell - No Man's Land
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
"The term 'Rockers' refers to a militant style of rhythm developed in the 1970s, mostly based on the updating of old rocksteady classics, and associated with, first, Augustus Pablo and then the drummer Sly Dunbar and the Channel One session band, the Revolutionaries." (The Rough Guide To Reggae)

A fine selection of tunes in the Rockers style is featured on this new installment in the series of 3-CD Trojan Box Sets, which can be regarded as a good companion to Trojan's earlier released "Jah Loves Rockers" collection. It includes one of the earliest examples of the Reggae sub-genre namely John Holt's "Up Park Camp" which was voiced over a remake of a Studio One riddim, The Heptones' "Get In The Groove". Back in 1975 deejay/producer Tapper Zukie provided another early example of the Rockers style with the suitable named "Rockers", the opening track of disc one.

In the role of producer Tapper Zukie produced Errol Dunkley's wicked "Stop Your Gun Shooting", Junior Ross & The Spear's "Daniel", The Seekers' inspirational "Jah Jah Say", Frankie Jones' "Living The Life We Love" and Knowledge's "Words, Sounds And Power", all of them included here.

Also other Jamaican producers such as Lee "Scratch" Perry, Winston "Niney" Holness, Ossie Hibbert, Jo Jo Hoo Kim and Bunny "Striker" Lee recorded artists 'inna Rockers stylee', vocalists as well as deejays. Some of their productions are also featured here and thus it's obvious that almost every major performer of that era can be found on this triple cd box set, with musical accompaniment courtesy of Jamaica's top session crew, most notably the originators of the style, Sly & the Revolutionaries.

Even though this comprehensive collection of Rockers reggae contains quite a few tunes that already appeared on cd including Dennis Brown's "Whip Them Jah", Junior Byles' "Weeping", Gregory Isaacs' "Slave Master" and Barry Brown's "Step It Up Youthman", this set contains enough great and also sought-after tunes in the Rockers style to make it worthwhile purchasing.