Trojan Rocksteady Rarities Box Set ~ Limited Edition
Trojan Records
3 CD Box Set
November 27, 2005

Track list
Disc 1

  1. Run Down - Hopeton Lewis
  2. Whoo Baby - The Silvertones
  3. Keep The Pressure On (Alternative Version) - Winston And George
  4. Sound And Soul - Johnny Moore And The Supersonics
  5. Be Good - The Rulers
  6. With A Girl Like You - Henry III
  7. It's Not Right - The Tartans
  8. Temptation - The Upsetters
  9. You Won't Regret It - Lloyd Robinson And Glen Brown
  10. Do It Right (Alternative Version) - The Three Tops
  11. Don't Play That Song (Darling I Love You) - The Moving Brothers
  12. Deep Down - Hazel And The Jolly Boys
  13. The Good You Can - Charlie Organaire And The Carib-Beats
  14. Hound Dog - Diane Lawrence
  15. Sock It To Me - Roland Alphonso And Beverley's All Stars
  16. Won't You Come Home Now - The Conquerors
  17. Sock It To Me Baby - The Valentines
Disc 2

  1. Baby Come Back To Me - The Black Brothers
  2. Halls Of Montezuma - Roland Alphonso And Beverley's All Stars
  3. The Rock Steady - Noel 'Bunny' Brown And The Wildcats
  4. It's Alright - The Tartans With Tommy McCook's Band
  5. The Emperor - Bobby Ellis And The Crystalites
  6. Your Safe Keep - Primo And Hopeton
  7. Fair Deal - The Progressions
  8. The Way I Feel - Keith Thompson
  9. Be Mine - The Rulers
  10. You've Got Something - Ewan And Jerry
  11. Fun Galore - The Kingstonians
  12. Miss Anti-Social - Austin Faithful And Hippies
  13. You're Treating Me Bad - George Dekker
  14. You've Got To Cry - The Groovers
  15. Gee Whiz - The Tennors
  16. The Train Is Coming Back - The Gladiators
Disc 3

  1. Anything You Want - Dudley Williamson
  2. Coming On The Scene - Johnny And The Attractions
  3. To Sir With Love - Dawn Penn
  4. Yield Not To Temptation - Maurice Johnson
  5. Shake It Up - The Termites
  6. Skinny Le Girl - Hopeton Lewis And Glen Brown
  7. Please Stay - Paulette And The Lovers
  8. I Fell In Love - The Conquerors
  9. Don't Say No - The Silvertones
  10. What Can I Do - Clive And Doreen
  11. Rain And Thunder - The Soul Tops
  12. So Nice Like Rice - Charlie Kelly
  13. Lonely Heartaches - The Clarendonians
  14. Think Twice (AKA Laust Laugh) - Eric Monty Morris
  15. On The Town - Bunny And Ruddy
  16. Love Me Forever - The Mighty Vikings
  17. Try A Little Merriness - Ike Bannett And The Crystalites
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 3 Sound quality : 3 Sleeve : 1
At its peaks -- this is beautiful jazz edged music, contrasted with a hooligan bass and a troublesome attitude -- just as good reggae should have. The opening track "Run Down" features a thunderous bass line any hard funk act would be proud of -- Rising and falling, harmony and threat, Fred Wesley and The Jb's style, albeit in a Rocksteady incarnation of course.

"Whoo Baby" is pure old school Johnny Guitar Watson and Etta James territory, albeit in a JA style. "Sound And Soul" has it roots in afro Cuban jazz and burns with spirit and attitude.

Monty Morris' "Think Twice" sounds like more conventional reggae structures, with its lyric urging forward looking consciousness, and a rejection of past errors and dark frames of mind.

The Rulers track has a sixties garage meets Cajun edge to its Rocksteady spirit. "Coming On The Scene" is a bit of a surrpise here, since it leans towards hard funk thug psychedelia rather than JA Rocksteady, backed by scything guitar slashes, acidic keyboards and thundering bass drum weirdness --

By the time you reach CD 3, the listener is left speculating how and why a number of these fine eccentric gems could have remained hidden from sight for so long? But in the final analysis, this is still overwhelmingly, a selection that spreads itself too thin -- From nearly 60 tracks, not enough really stands out as indispensible. For sure, it will please the Rocksteady completists, and it is a reasonable selection -- but there is too much reliance on filler. With the patchy Mike Brookes album from last week, and now this album -- someone isn't keeping their eye on the ball as regards quality control over at Trojan.