Various artists album review
Tribute To Bob Marley Part 4
09 - 10 - 1999

Tracking list

  1. Barbara Jones - Medley Of Bob Marley
  2. Al Campbell - Promise Is A Comfort To A Fool
  3. Mickie Brooks - Grooving
  4. Dragonaires - Road Block
  5. Hitals - Put It On
  6. Trinity - Babylon Them Sick In A Dem Head
  7. Neville Brown - Tell It To The Children
  8. Poppa Tollo - Jump And Prance
  9. Johnny Clarke - Put It On
  10. Aggrovators - Put It On (Version)
  11. Trinity - Simmer Down
  12. Aggrovators - Simmer Down (Version)
  13. Simple Simon - Reggae Move
  14. Dennis All Stars - The Knock Out Punch
  15. Delroy Wilson - I'm Still Waiting
  16. The Mexicano - Move Up Starsky
  17. Dragonaires - I Shot The Sheriff
  18. Al Campbell - This Is True True Love
  19. Aggrovators - Drums Of Africa
  20. GG All Stars - Dub Medley Of Bob Marley
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 4/5

Volume 4 in Trojan's 'Tribute To Bob Marley' series focuses on Bob Marley related music from the mid-seventies to early eighties. The disc opens with a Alvin Ranglin produced medley by Barbary Jones, incorporating 'Small Axe', 'Nice Time' and 'One Love'. The dub version of this 1981 medley closes the disc. There are three versions of the 'Keep On Moving' riddim present on this album. Mike Brooks' version Grooving stays pretty close to thew original lyrics, whilst deejay Simple Simon uses an eighties update on the riddim, to roll call dancehall artists such as Yellowman, Jah Thomas and Lee van Cleef. The last version -Knock Out Punch- by the Dennis All Stars dates from 1974.
Bob's tune Put It On is versioned here four times. He re-recorded the song a number of times for himself. The first version featured here is by the Hitals which was recorded in 1970. This track is followed by deejay Trinity's -Babylon Them Sick In A Dem Head- who uses a a much later update, voiced by the great Delroy Wilson, to castigate those who trouble rastas. The other versions are Johnny Clarke's 'flying cymbal' lick from 1975. complete with the accompanying dubcut from the Aggrovators.
Bob's Studio One smash hit Simmer Down is versioned here by the aforementioned deejay Trinity, followed by the Aggrovators' dub version. One of the most popular Bob Marley reworkings comes from Delroy Wilson, who voiced I'm Still Waiting for producer Lloyd Charmers. The deejay cut to this song is by a mysterious deejay called The Mexicano. Neville Brown, working at Channel One with Scientist, turns in a truly conscious song over the 'Bend Down Low' riddim on tell It To The Children, whilst Poppa Tollo delivers his early eighties dancehall version across the same riddim.
Volume 4 in Trojan's 'Tribute To Bob Marley' series is an enjoyable and interesting set of Bob Marley related music.

Teacher & Mr. T.