Various artists album review
Trojan 35th Anniversary Box Set ~ Limited Edition
Triple CD box set
August 29 - 2003

Tracking list

    Disc 1 ~ Mellow Reggae
    1. Jana - The Immortals
    2. I'll Make It Up - Carl Dawkins
    3. Bobby Sox To Stockings - Boris Gardiner & The Keys
    4. Mellow Reggae - Amiel Moodie
    5. Fatty - Bim & Barn
    6. Mother Nature - The Mad Lads
    7. No Honey, No Money - Slim Smith
    8. Cock Robin - Ansel Collins
    9. Swansee River - Gladstone Anderson
    10. Kick Me Or I'll Kick You - The Cimarons
    11. Don't Play That Song - Delroy Williams
    12. Land Of Kinks - Hugh Hendricks & The Upsetters
    13. Look over Your Shoulder - Nora & Vern
    14. War Boats (aka Mr Blue) - The Sensations
    15. Burn Ball Chapter II - Delroy Jones & The Jets
    16. Why Can't I Touch You - The Chosen Few
    17. If You Don't Mind - The Gaylads
   Disc 2 ~ Memories By The Score
    1. Sugar Pantie-Andy Capp & Ken Parker
    2. Saucy Horde - Roland Alphonso
    3. Judgement Rock - Charlie Ace
    4. Flying Machine (aka Those Magnificant Men) - Teddy Magnus
    5. Jungle Fever-Cynthia Richards
    6. Take Warning - Billy Dyce
    7. Memories By The Score - Ansel Linkers
    8. Pray For The Wicked - The Untouchables
    9. Try Me - Roman Stewart
    10. Blacula - The Crystalites
    11. Silver Platter - I Roy & Keith Hudson
    12. Skanking Monkey - Stranger & Gladdy
    13. Great Messiah - The Meditations
    14. Every Rasta Is A Star - Johnny Clarke
    15. Natty Dread Girl - Linval Thompson
    16. Free Up Jah Jah Children - Owen Gray
    17. Tubby At The Controls - Big Joe
    Disc 3 ~ Pride And Passion
    1. Tribute To K.B - Dan's All Stars
    2. I'll Follow You - The Beltones
    3. Third Figure - Tommy McCook & Supersonics
    4. Honey Don't Go - Winston Fancis
    5. Run, Fattie - The Slickers
    6. Pride And Passion - The Pioneers
    7. Julie On My Mind - Dannny Ray
    8. I've Got To Go On Without You - Al Brown
    9. Drum Song - Willie Lindo & The Charmers' Band
    10. Wild Honey - Zap Pow
    11. What A Situation - The Silvertones
    12. Come Closer To Me - Jackie Edwards
    13. Tell The Children The Truth - Jimmy Riley
    14. Bring It On Home To Me - Ken Boothe
    15. If You Leave Me (aka Don't Stay Away) - Private Tabby
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4

Trojan Records continues to release "limited edition" triple cd box sets, which happen to be nicely packaged selections coming out of their extensive vaults. Regarding the extreme popularity of the box sets the release of these box sets has proven to be one of Trojan's best marketing ideas. This one is really special, since all 50 of the recordings featured on this collection appear on CD for the first time, making this compilation a collector’s dream.
Disc One features mellow tracks from the period 1968 to 1970 and opens with the Joe Gibbs' produced Jana by The Immortals. Noteworthy tunes here are Fatty by Bim and Bam and the fabulous Slim Smith who performs the love song No Honey, No Money. The London based Cimarons come up with an 'aggressive' tune called Kick Me Or I'll Kick You, produced by South London sound system owner Lambert Briscoe. More softer sounds come from The Sensations with War Boats, a Winston Riley production, and The Gaylads who deliver the BB Seaton written tune If You Don't Mind.
Disc Two is entitled 'Memories By The Score' and shines the light on the period 1971 to 1978, including outings by the unforgettable Roland Alphonso, who blows one of his smoothest tunes Saucy Horn, featuring a riddim first laid down for the Winston Francis hit single 'Ten Times Sweeter'. Alongside Charlie Ace's fluid rap Judgement Rock, is the scarce original vocal template to master jiver U Roy's 'Way Down South' in the form of Take Warning from little known singer Billy Dice. I Roy and Keith Hudson deliver an appealing tune Silver Platter, which was originally released as 45 on the Randy's label. Representatives of the 70's Rastafari front are Johnny Clarke, who lays down the excellent Every Rasta Is A Star and Linval Thompson with Natty Dread Girl, both for producer Edward 'Bunny' Lee. Linval Thompson is the producer of the Big Joe deejay track Tubby At The Controls.
The last disc covers the period 1968 to 1986 and is entitled 'Pride And Passion'. An early pioneer of the UK recording scene was Robert 'Dandy' Thompson who as a producer of the Brother Dan All Stars rocked out some worthy formative reggae such as 1968's Tribute To K.D.. Ken Booth delivers his rendition of the Sam Cooke's hit Bring It On Home To Me, an easy grooving 1986 Lloyd Charmers production. From 1972 dates Al Brown's version of Al Green's I've Got To Go On Without You, complete with Green's throaty growls. The majestic Tommy McCook is featured here with his Supersonics with a Duke Reid production from 1969 called Third Figure. Nowadays he's Jet Star's Cave Productions house producer, Mr. Danny Ray, but in 1971 he was an artist, best known for his ultra sweet lovers tunes such as Julie On My Mind. Jackie Mittoo wrote and performed the immortal Drum Song for Studio One, here Wilie Lindo and the Charmer's Band deliver a more than decent lick.

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