Trouble Time
September 20, 2008

Track list
  1. Clinton Fearon - Songs Of Praises
  2. Michael Rose - Babylon Pressure
  3. Rod Taylor - Love Grows
  4. Ras Daniel Ray - One Sweet Day
  5. Clinton Fearon - Sleepy Head
  6. Derrick Harriott feat. Bunny Brown - I'm A Believer
  7. Ras Daniel Ray - Vision Land
  8. Stix Dan - Zion Feeling
  9. Joseph Cotton - Filthy Act
  10. U Roy - Acting Funny
  11. Ranking Joe - Me No Love Wa Gwan
  12. Stix Dan - Road To Freedom Street
  13. Prince Jazzbo - Tell Me What
  14. Tappa Zukie - Blaze
  15. U Brown - Baby! Come Rock With Me (Discomix)
  16. Johnny "Dizzy" Moore, Bunny & Skully Junior - True Love Can Never Die
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Earlier this year Makafresh -- Makasound's subsidiary label -- (re-)released a very fine compilation set featuring the riddims of French band Tu Shung Peng voiced by guest vocalists such as Ras Daniel Ray, Al Pancho, Ken Boothe, Lone Ranger and Justin Hinds to name only five. All in all it was a good foretaste of the band's second and new compilation set entitled "Trouble Time", which utilizes the same concept as its predecessor. This brand new collection hosts quite a few notable guests including such reggae illuminaries as Clinton Fearon, Michael Rose, Rod Taylor, U Roy, Ranking Joe, U Brown and Prince Jazzbo.

Tu Shung Peng is a band that cherishes the values of Jamaican roots music from the 1970s. They take it as the starting point for their "live" played riddims, and sometimes spice it up with Jazz, Soul and Latin flavours. Even though they're strongly influenced by the music from the heydays of roots reggae, they create their own riddims and don't fall into the trap of refurbishing classic backdrops we've heard over and over again.

The album opens with the powerful voice of Clinton Fearon, the former singer and bass player of the internationally renowned group The Gladiators, whose "Songs Of Praises" makes a solid impression. The riddim of this track has a blazing horn section and also underpins Joseph Cotton's "Filthy Act", U Brown's "Baby! Come Rock With Me" and the great "Vision Land" by Ras Daniel Ray. The latter is the regular singer for Tu Shung Peng and his efforts on "Trouble Time" and "Around Tu Shung Peng" indicate that he's a name to watch for in the near future.

With "Babylon Pressure" Michael Rose, a BIG name in reggae, delivers a convincing effort across a lovely laid back riddim. The same backdrop has been voiced by England based singer and MC Stix Dan (real name Samuel Reid), whose deep roots voice solely declaims the lyrics of "Zion Feeling". On "Road To Freedom" he shows that he's also a fine singer with a distinctive vocal delivery, which perfectly fits the jazzy groove of the riddim. Also Derrick Harriott and Bunny Brown display that they're able to get into the groove of that riddim in a very satisfying way. Also worth of hearing are Rod Taylor's "Love Grows" and U Roy's "Acting Funny", with the latter being the slightly better effort on a riddim with an echoladen intro, nice melodica parts and again a great horn section. Also great is Tappa Zukie's "Blaze", with the veteran deejay delivering his conscious lyrics over an exciting riddim track.

Overall opinion is that we're treated to another worthwhile compilation from Tu Shung Peng & Friends!