Tsahai Riddim a.k.a. Receive
Al.Ta.Fa.An-Groove Attack
August 15, 2006

Track list
  1. Receive - Junior Kelly
  2. Astalavista - Perfect
  3. Could It Be - Lenn Hammond
  4. Why - Chuck Fenda
  5. Guwey - Spectacular
  6. Make It Up - Anthony Cruz
  7. Loved By You - Taffari
  8. Signs Ain't Clear - Mark Wonder
  9. Live It Up - Paul Elliot
  10. Learn Di Hard Way - Luton Fyah
  11. Black & Proud - Turbulence
  12. Rasta Man She Love - Anthony B
  13. Arde E Brucia - Lady Flavia & Ginco
  14. I&I - Chezidek
  15. Protect Di Little Children - Fire Star
  16. Let Us - Sizzla
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
The 'Tsahai'-riddim was played by the Fire House Crew and was originally named by Lutan Fyah. Anthony Senior, one half of the Al.Ta.Fa.An production team - the other is Boris 'Taffari' Silvera, whose excellent "Addicted To Music" was released 2 years ago on Minor7Flat5 -, told him to name the riddim and he named it after his seven old month daughter Tsahai which he said means "Sun Shine. Junior Kelly came to the 321 Strong studio two weeks after to hold a vibes with his friends and burn the chalice. Boris Silvera a.k.a. Taffari played the riddim for him and he went mad - he said he should book some time right away, which the producer did so straight away. Junior Kelly did a demo and left. The next morning before the sun came out he called and said that he wanted to voice the song entitled "Receive" opening this album, that will hit the streets in August, but of which the great and always reliable Münster, Germany based record shop and mail order Irie Records was able to provide this full length promo copy for me. From there great things start to happen. The song went right to the Number 1 spot on most of the local charts in Jamaica and could be seen on many charts around the world and is still getting heavy rotation in Jamaica and abroad. On top of this the sublime love song
take this love and "Receive"
you are all i need
i got no trick up my sleeve
ooo yeah y yes

was licenced for the current Junior Kelly album "Tough Life" and also made it to be part of the hit series "Strictly The Best 34". There and then a lot of artists started calling that they loved the riddim and would like to put a song on it; Boris Silvera didn't refuse the offer and that's how these songs came about over the 'Tsahai'-riddim engineered by Pedro Hamilton and Steve Harrison, mixed by Barry O'Hare. Perfect steps up next with the fine equally smooth and loving "Astalavista" followed by Lenn Hammond's "Could It Be" love, could it be happiness showing he certainly picked up the sweetness from his uncle Beres and his cousin Courtney 'Yogie' John. Chuck Fender is very upful and positive in his anti-negativity-in-relationships tune "Why" before Spectacular delivers the fierce "Guwey" and both crooner Anthony Cruz with his "Make It Up" and Al.Ta.Fa.An's own Taffari with "Loved By You" let the romantic vibes flow once more. The standard on Minor7Flat5 and Al.Ta.Fa.An recordings of the beautiful angelic backing vocals has always been very high, and adding a lot to the overall feel of the music, and on the tunes over this riddim it's no exception, excellently done for maximum enjoyment of the music, as becomes also clear on Mark Wonder's excellent tribulation tune where do we go from here "Signs Ain't Clear" and Paul Elliott bigging up the Nyah Man in "Live It Up". Luton Fyah warns a girl she's gonna "Learn The Hard Way", Turbulence really stirs up the place with his "Black & Proud" before Anthony B delivers his smooth "Rasta Man She Love" that also appeared last year on his Minor7Flat5 album "My Hope". The beautifully singing Lady Flavia & DJ Ginco contribute the great sounding (though for me incomprehensible) "Arde E Brucia" about fire and (being) burn(ed) followed by Chezidek's upful "I&I" and the thoughtful "Protect The Little Children" by promising sounding newcomer Fire Star. Sizzla closes this album with his excellent "Let Us" in very fine style, and although unfortunately a clean version of the riddim is lacking, Al.Ta.Fa.An are treating us with great vocals over their excellent lovers/roots 'Tsahai'-riddim, that should make it to everyone's collection.