Various artists album review
Total Togetherness Volume 9
VP Records / Walboomers Music
19 - 12 - 1999

Tracking list

  1. Beenie Man - No Time
  2. Mr. Vegas - Stop Man Food
  3. Merciless - Nah Friend Dem
  4. Lady Saw - Hot Girl Lawya
  5. Mad Anju - Hell Fire
  6. Sizzla - Jail Break
  7. Mr. Vegas - Yuh Nuh Guilty
  8. Harry Toddler - Can't Style Wi Up
  9. Capleton - Happy Go So Lucky
  10. Elephant Man - We Don't Give A...
  11. Lady Saw - Ride
  12. Beenie Man - One Bag A Man
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4

Featuring the production work of such heavy weight producers as Bobby "Digital" Dixon, Donovan Germain, Patricks Roberts, Anthony "Redrose" Cameron, Colin Levy, Winston Powell and other ace producers the 9th volume in VP Records' "Total Togetherness" series mainly concentrates on the deejays who rule the Dancehall scene of the late nineties as it features established names like Beenie Man, Merciless, Mr. Vegas, Lady Saw and the Bobo dread deejays Sizzla and Capleton. Top ranking deejay and Dancehall mainstay Beenie Man delivers a nice opener with the Shocking Vibes produced tune "No Time", Beenie's version across the "Champagne" riddim. Mr. Vegas, who fully showcases his skills and control, contributes with the awesome "Stop Man Food" over the "Sugar & Water" riddim - reminiscent of this summer's killer "Street Sweeper" - and the Stone Love produced "Yuh Nuh Guilty" across the "Branch Off" riddim. Next is Merciless, who is in good shape and comes up with one of his better efforts. Lady Saw's contributions are delivered in the Dancehall diva's well known style with the powerful performed "Hot Gal Lawya" across the "World Talk" riddim being the best out of two, and the Colin Fat produced and sensual performed "Ride" - a suggestive song over the "Di Blade" riddim - being a nice addition. Mad Anju (credited as Mad Andrew) fully explores the advantage of voicing his lyrics over the wicked "Dirty Money" riddim, which takes his cut to a higher quality level. Sizzla unconditionally fires his lyrics utilizing "Bulby" York & "Fatta" Marshall's hard hitting "Matrix" riddim. Scare Dem member Harry Toddler recorded a mediocre tune for Bobby "Digital" Dixon, another cut included on this set which features the "World Talk" riddim. The other Scare Dem member Elephant Man has a far better effort with the Sheldon "Cali Bud" Stewart produced "We Don't Give A..." across the "Sugar & Water" riddim. The outstanding "Happy Go So Lucky" is a peerless performance, which unmistakably showcases the supremacy of Capleton over the past year or so. Finally Beenie Man rounds off in fine style as he delivers an entertaining and enjoyable effort with the Stone Love produced "One Bag A Man". Collecting tunes which were released in the second half of 1999, this compilation is a good purchase for the hardcore Dancehall fan who missed them on 45 !

Teacher & Mr. T.