Various artists album review
Total Togetherness Vol. 11
VP Records-Walboomers Music

Tracking list

  1. The Business ­ General & Patchy
  2. Bwoy Blue ­ Mr. Vegas
  3. Vampire ­ Elephant Man
  4. Doors Of My Temple ­ Morgan Heritage
  5. One Thought Of You ­ Mikey Spice
  6. Party All Night ­ Frankie Paul
  7. Bust A Blank ­ Mr. Lex
  8. Changes ­ Ce'Cile
  9. Bling Dawg ­ Ricky Rudy
  10. She's All ­ Ghost
  11. Angel Heart ­ Richie Stephens
  12. Go Look Gal ­ Madd Anju
  13. To Live Or Die (remix)­Beenie Man
  14. Best Girl ­ Mr. Vegas
  15. Bling ­ Mr. Lex
  16. Cool And Settle ­ Luciano
  17. Changes (accapella)­ Ce'Cile
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4

Over the past years this compilation series has featured some of the hottest current songs from the genre's top artists. Executive producer of the project The Famous One (Delroy Morrison of Dynamic Sounds), has brought together the top producers and studios to create this album annually and volume 11 is the latest instalment in the series.
The album features productions from Jamaica's hottest production houses such as the Shocking Vibes Crew with General B & Patchy's The Business ("Joker" riddim) and Ricky Rudy with Bling Dawg. Rupert Blake's dancehall imprint "Q 45" is featured here with the unstoppable Mr. Vegas performing the humorous Bwoy Blue across the "Icepick" riddim. From Winston Powell's Stone Love Movement comes the blazing Elephant Man with Vampire. Further impressive hardcore dancehall tunes found here are Mr. Lex aka Lexxus with Bust A Blank over the "Doorslam" riddim and Bling (a piece for Colin Fat's "Penicillin" riddim) and Mr. Vegas bringing Best Girl, a Cali-Bud production. Ce'Cile performs here self-produced smash hit "Changes" over the infectious "Chiney Gal" riddim and as a kind of bonus the "accapella" version is included as well. But also the roots and lovers fans can enjoy this album, for strong cuts from Morgan Heritage's Doors Of My Temple, Richie Stephens' Angel Heart, Mikey Spice's One Thought Of You and Luciano's Cool And Settle, the latter over a slick flying cut of the immortal "Cuss Cuss" which is produced by Roy Francis of Mixing Lab fame, are included here as well.

Teacher & Mr. T.