Various artists album review
Tunda Klap
CD / 2LP
March 3, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Tekk - Vybz Kartel
  2. Shake It Fast - Kenny & Busy Signal
  3. Combining - Kid Kurrupt
  4. Dead Over It - Elephant Man
  5. I Love The Way - Capleton
  6. Don't Waste Me Time - Mad Cobra
  7. Have Sense - Predator
  8. Hard - Spragga Benz
  9. All Around Da World - Ward 21
  10. I Don't Feel It - Wayne Marshall
  11. Dem Ting Deh - Bounty Killer & Assassin
  12. Soldering - Bugle & Tornado
  13. It's On Tonight - CÚ'Cile
  14. Huff And Puff - Looga Man
  15. Gal Yuh A Murder - Daville
  16. Nah Pass - Leftside, Esco & Calico
  17. Nah Partial - Bounty Killer
  18. Must Be Crazy - Bling Dawg
  19. Gal Dem A Whine - Mr. Vegas
  20. Sexy Ways - Sezar
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4

After the hype Delano Thomas and the Renaissance Crew created last summer with their 'Re-Birth'-riddim, they bust big again this time with the 'Tunda Klap'-riddim. Built with the assistance of Christopher Birch, who has been involved in a whole bunch of major hit riddims over the last few months, this tight produced fast paced riddim is on this album kicked off by Vybz Kartel proclaiming in "Tekk (Buddy Gal)" 'tek mi tings and tek mi money too so tek buddy too' before Kenny & Busy Signal follow the blueprint of most of Tanto Metro & Devonte's tunes for their "Shake It Fast". Kid Kurrupt delivers the good gals-tune "Combining" to prove Greensleeves did good business signing an albumdeal with him, and Elephant Man does "Dead Over It" which is something he claims only happens to other men. Capleton's "I Love The Way" is a decent track but nowhere nearing the impact of the slow slackness of Mad Cobra's (If you know you nah go run the .....) "Don't Waste Mi Time". Predator once again rides the mad man theme for his "Have Sense" before slack lyrics rule again as Spragga Benz tells the world about taking girls "Hard". Ward 21 slip a "Pon Di River Pon Di Bank"-intro in their tune "All Around The World" that uses their usual badman/gangster lyrics. Wayne Marshall's "I Don't Feel It" is all about how he rather strolls the streets with girls than with 'one bag a man', quoting Bob Marley's 'man to man is so unjust' in this great tune, but an even greater tune follows it, the Bounty Killer & Assassin anti-haters & anti-hypocrites combination "Dem Ting Deh". "Soldering" is a nice Bugle & Tornado combination, and CÚCile once again shows (using that latest craze in dancehall: her voice being vocodered) she can be as slack as Lady Saw warning the boy that has been begging and pleading "It's On Tonight". More slackness in Loogaman's convincing "Huff And Puff", before the more romantic side of male/female relationships gets the great vocal treatment DaVille is capable of in "Gal Yuh A Murder" another tune that proves that he is THE singing sensation of these last few months, incorporating the melody of Sade's "Hang On To Your Love". "Nah Pass" is more slackness featuring one of the current hot riddim-builders Craig 'Leftside' Parkes (who recently for Real Music build the strong 'Hot Gyal'-riddim and has been a mainstay of the Kings Of Kings riddim-creators building a.o. 'Martial Arts') as one of the three vocalists on the tune. More vocoder (it's been used on a couple more of the tunes on this album) to full effect is used for Bling Dawg's "Must Be Crazy", followed by Mr. Vegas he still can come up with catchy phrasing and gal-lyrics over a hot riddim in "Gal Dem A Whine". Sezar has his voice vocodered to the max as well and is doing a more than acceptable effort to follow the path that is being paved by DaVille singing "Sexy Ways". Renaissance certainly succeeded in delivering a hot riddim again with plenty of strong voicings.