Dub Plate Style Vol 2 - Vinyl EP Tracks
M Records
Digital Release
February 9, 2013

Dub Plate Style Vol 2 - Vinyl EP Tracks - Twilight Circus Track list
  1. Fred Locks - Won't Give Up The Fight
  2. Queen Ifrica - Stand Up For Righteousness
  3. Matics Horns - Horns Cut
  4. Twilight Crew - Won't Give Up Version
  5. Michael Rose - Throw Some Stone
  6. Ranking Joe - Don't Follow Babylon
  7. Throw Some Stone Version
  8. Throw Some Stone Mega Dub Version
  9. Michael Rose - No Burial (Manasseh Remix)
  10. Michael Rose - No Burial (Manasseh Dubplate Remix)
  11. Ranking Joe - Don't Follow Babylon (BAF Meets Wai Wan Remix)
  12. Ranking Joe - Don't Follow Babylon Dub BAF Meets Wai Wan Remix)
  13. Brother Culture - Foundation Rockers (Vocal Mix)
  14. Brother Culture - Foundation Rockers (Twilight Dub Mix)
  15. Brother Culture - Foundation Rockers (Acapella Mix)
  16. Brother Culture - Foundation Rockers (Disciples Remix)
  17. Foundation Rockers Dub (Disciples Remix)
  18. Foundation Rockers Dub II (Disciples Remix)
  19. Michael Rose - No Burial (Rob Smith D&B Mix / Jungle Dub Rasta)
  20. No Burial Dub (Rob Smith D&B Mix / Jungle Dub Rasta)
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Canadian engineer, producer & musician Ryan Moore has become a well known figure in reggae circles since he emerged on the scene some 25 years ago. His first release, "Twilight Circus In Dub Volume 1", was the start of a series of dub albums that garnered much critical praise. It was obvious that his dub workouts were heavily influenced by the groundbreaking 1970s dubs of Jamaican greats such as King Tubby and Lee Perry. Even though the influences of the masters were recognizable, Ryan Moore never tried to recreate the works of his illustrious predecessors. Instead he created his own signature sound with instrumental dub outings that made a serious impression and were cherished by many (classic) dub fans.

After having released about 10 dub albums, with some of them being quite successful from a commercial point of view, Ryan Moore moved into new territory as he started to produce vocal tracks by a number of great Jamaican vocalists such as Michael Rose, Luciano, Fred Locks, Ranking Joe, Lutan Fyah, Cornell Campbell and Big Youth. However the dub heads weren't forgotten as vocal tracks were accompanied by dub versions and vocal albums of Ranking Joe and Michael Rose even got a dub companion.

Ryan Moore produced material not only appeared on cd, but also on vinyl in 10" and 12" format. The digitally released compilation set "Dub Plate Style Vol 1 - Vinyl EP Tracks", is followed by a 2nd volume. The latter also collects tracks from a long out of print and now sought after series of vinyl EP's. This set kicks off with tracks from the "Thanks & Praise" EP. Roots veteran of Black Star Liner fame Fred Locks delivers a very good effort across the "Thanks & Praise" riddim, while contemporary reggae star Queen Ifrica does the same with the powerful rasta song "Stand Up For Righteousness". Matic Horns aka Henry "Buttons" Tenyue expertly blows his trombone on the "Horns Cut" for this Steppers riddim. After having heard these three solid to great tracks, Twilight Circus' "Version" sounds a bit disappointing.

Notable works from Michael Rose and Ranking Joe also appeared Ryan Moore's M-Records including the 2004 released "Throw Some Stone"/"Don't Follow Babylon" EP. All tracks from this EP are also featured here with Michael Rose's "Throw Some Stone" being a solid piece with lyrics that are still relevant today. Ranking Joe comes up with a nice deejay version across a hard hitting dubby version of the riddim. Next are remixed versions of Michael Rose's huge "No Burial" (done by UK's Manasseh) and Ranking Joe's "Don't Follow Babylon" (BAF Meets Wai Wan). Nicely done, but not really exciting new versions of these tunes. Then it's time for no less than six versions of Brother Culture's "Foundation Rockers", before this collection is rounded off nicely with two smashing remixes done by legendary UK D&B / jungle music pioneer Rob Smith.

"Dub Plate Style Vol. 2 - Vinyl EP Tracks" is another great selection of vocal and dub tracks, worthwhile checking out for anyone who hasn't purchased the initial releases.