Twice Again
May 2, 2006

Track list
  1. Beauty Queen - Buju Banton
  2. She Wants A Life - Assassin
  3. Woman Deh Pon Mi Mind - Baby Cham
  4. Bad Macka - Macka Diamond
  5. Buddy Dun - Mr. Vegas
  6. Land We Love - Buccaneer
  7. Pump Up - Mr. G
  8. What You Gonna Do - Ghost
  9. The Juice - Guru
  10. Selector - Mr. Easy
  11. Legs Up - Famous Face
  12. Quicky Quicky - Meeks & Meeks
  13. Together - Sweet C
  14. Top Shooter Ting - Harry Toddler
  15. Tired Of Fronting - Kieshera
  16. Memory Lane - Leroy Smart
  17. Twice Again Rhythm - Steely & Clevie
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
And although some might claim the trend starting with 'Sleepy Dog', a 'retro'-riddim, slowing the tempo totally in contrast to the then still main trend of extremely fast paced riddims in JA by Steely & Clevie, followed by their relick of Hugh 'Redman' James 'Koloko/Tight Clothes'-riddim for Rupert 'Q45' Blake's 'Bad Bargain'-riddim, the Leftside & Esco relick of Steely & Clevie's 1992 'Giggy/Mama'-riddim that was presented as 'Throwback Giggy', and Byron Murray revisiting his own interpretation of 'Workie Workie'. And then again Steely & Clevie's own 'Old Truck'-riddim, in fact a late 80s early 90s style interpretation of the Soul Vendor's 1968 Studio One riddim 'Drum Song', and the mighty 'Punnany' has gone downhill already, this is again proof of the contrary. Michael 'DJ Liquid' Brissett created the scorcher 'Petty Thief', based on Buju's debut "Man Fi Dead" a.k.a. "Informer Fi Dead" over the Penthouse version of Dave Kelly's seminal 'Action'-riddim, that had Terror Fabulous & Nadine Sutherland with the title-cut on Dave Kelly's Madhouse cross-over into the mainstream charts. And now Steely & Clevie return to the 1991 riddim they built for Gussie Clarke at his then ruling Music Works studio for the Shabba Ranks & Krystal hit "Twice My Age" and now revived as #84 in Greensleeves Rhythm Album Series as 'Twice Again'. With Buju Banton in very fine form on his "Beauty Queen", Assassin very entertaining on "She Wants A Life" and Baby Cham's nice "Woman Deh Pon Mi Mind" the album is kicked off very nicely. Macka Diamond borrows a bit from Chakademus' old time hookline for her fine "Bad Macka" but the real standout on this riddim follows Mr. Vegas' humorous "Body Done" and it's Buccaneer's brilliant reality check on Jamaica's national anthem "Land We Love" that obviously struck a nerve as it has already been banned from being played on Jamaican airwaves. Famous Face, who impressed with "Mixing Board" over the aforementioned 'Sleepy Dog', contributes the great "Legs Up", before both Mr. G with "Pump Up" and Ghost with the surprisingly on-key sweet "What You Gonna Do" now you got my attention keep the nice vibes flowing. Newcomer Guru a.k.a. Gorilla Man delivers the fine "The Juice" followed by Mr. Easy's cheerful party tune "Selector" and Meeks & Meeks funny warning that woman don't want a "Quicky Quicky". Female DJ Sweet C, who has till now almost exclusively recorded for Donovan Germain's Penthouse label, under the wings of Steely & Clevie prospers as her great "Together" proofs. Harry Toddler is very nicely explaining how the excessive number of girls calling him define him as a "Top Shooter Ting". Hot female singer Kieshera with her sexy voice delivers the steaming "Tired Of Fronting" before dancehall veteran Leroy Smart shows - as he did on CJ James' 'Without Love' alongside Lady Saw - he can still deliver the goods on the last vocal tune over the riddim, with his excellent reality tune "Memory Lane". The riddim itself gets the full Steely & Clevie treatment in the clean version of the "Twice Again Riddim" closing a very fine set of tunes on this absolutely must-have retro-riddim.