Various artists album review
The Ultimate Dancehall Mix Vol. 3
Jamdown Records
07 - 04 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Intro
  2. Hawkeye - Yuh Nuh Beg
  3. T.O.K. - Ginseng
  4. Tanto Metro & Devonte - Suzie
  5. Buju Banton - Be My Love Tonight
  6. Lady Saw - There's No Need
  7. Professor Nuts - Nothing Nah Gwan
  8. Kiprich - Imagine Dis
  9. Harry Toddler - Dance The Angel
  10. Merciless - Sledge Hammer
  11. Cristopher - Before You Walk
  12. Swade - Bob And Kick
  13. Wanted Squad & Gabriel - How Dem A Gwaan So
  14. Danny English - Shift The Punny
  15. Lexxus - Times Hard
  16. Frisco Kid - Specialize
  17. Lukie D - On And On
  18. Danny English & Candy Silk - Deep Diggin It
  19. Psycho & Maddish - A Casco
  20. Madd Anju - Digi Digi
  21. Elephant Man - Bruk Out
  22. Harry Toddler - Fire Redder
  23. Hawkeye - Nuh Clash
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

Jamdown Records is here is with some of the hottest dancehall riddims, chart topping singles and and a line-up of artists which includes current Dancehall stars as well as up-and-coming Jamaican talents. Their third installment in "The Ultimate Dance Hall Mix" series is produced from the same point of view as its predecessors. Skillfully mixed by Renaissance's Jazzy T it not only brings the winning formula of the continuous mix format to the dancehall massive but it also features tried and trusted production work of fine and in demand dancehall producers like, in this case, Richard "Shams" Browne, "Colin "Lenky" Johnson, Chad Simpson, Steven Ventura and the Shocking Vibes Crew. "The Ultimate Dancehall Mix Vol. 3" is packed with nine dancehall riddims including the hot and successful "Orgasm", "Scarface", "Latino" and Boasy Gal", all set to entertain the Dancehall fan. Standout efforts are Buju Banton's "Be My Love Tonight" over the infectious "Latino" riddim, Harry Toddler's boom tune "Dance The Angel" on the Scarface", Lexxus' "Times Hard" across the "Hummer" riddim (produced by Arif Cooper from Fresh Ear Productions), Elephant Man's "Bruk Out" for the "Boasy Gal" riddim, and Hawkeye's "Nuh Clash".
"The Ultimate Dancehall Mix Vol. 3" provides enough thrills and spills to satisfy any avid dancehall fan.

Teacher & Mr. T.