Various artists album review
The Ultimate Dancehall Mix Vol. 4
Jamdown Records
02 - 02 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Baya - Intro
  2. Elephant Man - Draw We Out
  3. Red Rat - I Thought This Was Jamaica
  4. T.O.K. - Same Team
  5. Mr. Vegas - Where Did My Baby Go
  6. Delly Ranks - Miss Call Me Too Often
  7. Psycho - Case Of The Beggar
  8. Monster Shack - Ganja Baby
  9. Patchy - Real Hot Gal
  10. Frisco Kid - Go Se Dung
  11. Sizzla - Trample
  12. Elephant Man & Bungle - Mentally Ill
  13. Elephant Man - Gal Under Tears
  14. Frisco Kid - Fishtail
  15. Sean Paul - Dem A Fraud
  16. Shaddoo - Da Bwoy Yah
  17. Jack-A-Diamond - Everybody Gal
  18. Patchy - Don't Lie To Me
  19. Nesbeth - Best Of The Best
  20. Jazzy T - Outro
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

Since Jamdown Records appeared on the reggae dancehall market they have made a serieus impact with a series of reggae and dancehall compilation sets based on the winning formula of the continuous mix format. Now they have unleashed the fourth installment in the popular "The Ultimate Dancehall Mix" series. Again skillfully mixed by Jazzy T of the renowned worldwide "Renaissance Sound System" the dancehall massive is treated to a serious bashment selection presented in an entertaining juggling style & fashion. Featured are five dancehall riddims including Youngblood's "8-Ball", Bumrush Records' "Showdown", Deja Vu's "Trample", Fresh Ear's "Shockwave" and Ghetto Voice's "Da Vibes".
After the intro has faded it's the "Energy God" Elephant Man who drops a notable effort over Chad "Goofy" Simpson's hard-hitting militaristic beat called "8-Ball". Also the hotter than hot collective T.O.K. with "Same Team" and Mr. Vegas' "Where Did My Baby Go" are well worth hearing and can be regarded as above par cuts. Next comes the "Showdown" riddim which actually continues the mood of a stuttering beat, thus perfectly following up the "8-Ball". Although Delly Ranks delivers a decent piece it's Monster Shack's "Ganja Baby" that leaves the best impression. Fine dancehall singer Patchy brings the first cut for Marlon Cooke's infectious "Trample" riddim. Patchy's "Real Hot Gal" is an enjoyable piece, which is followed by an awesome ferocious cut from Frisco Kid entitled "Go Se Dung" and a decent Sizzla delivery. Furthermore one is treated to Elephant Man & Bungle's "Mentally Ill", a nice, but not really exciting combination tune. Elephant Man delivers a far better effort with the exellent "Gal Under Tears" over the "Shockwave" riddim. Two more versions for this wicked riddim are delivered by Frisco Kid and Sean Paul. Both artists have matching cuts, however it's Sean Paul's "Dem A Fraud" that impresses most. The final round is reserved for Horace Lawrence's "Da Vibes" riddim. Although this proves a rather nice and entertaining backdrop it's a pity that the selected tunes - with the exception of Patchy's "Don't Lie To Me" - fail to cause some real excitement.
Experience the real Dancehall vibe at home with "The Ultimate Dancehall Mix Vol. 4".

Teacher & Mr. T.