Various artists album review
The Ultimate Dancehall Mix
Jamdown Records

Tracking list

  1. Sean Paul - Look So Appealing
  2. Mr. Vegas - Under Mi Guiness
  3. Ghost - Bought And Sold
  4. Young Prince - What A Day
  5. Young Prince & Real T - Jamdown Rock
  6. Crissy D - Don't Make Mi Know
  7. Mr. Vegas - Yu Sure
  8. Mr. Vegas & Lady G - Hotter Than The Rest
  9. Scare Dem Crew - Girls Everyday
  10. Beenie Man - Who You Wanna Dis
  11. Buju Banton - Up Close And Personal
  12. Powerman - Gal Request Di Rod
  13. Red Rat & Goofy - Bad Man Crew
  14. Elephant Man - Warn Dem
  15. Sean Paul - You Done Rule
  16. Scare Dem Crew - Man A Shotta (War Dem Say)
  17. Merciless - War Just Start (Mi Gun Pon Me)
  18. Tanya Stephens - Chappa
  19. Singing Melody - Ooh Ah
  20. Elephant Man & Michelle- Boom Boom Man
  21. Various - MegaMix (Bonus Track)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Since the release of their first MegaMix album "Dancehall Xplosion '97" US-based Jamdown Records has continued to catalog some of the hottest riddims, artists and tunes to emerge in the dancehalls in a "pass the mic" stylee. A nice concept for those who cannot afford to buy all those versions on 7" single and/or want to check the music that did make their feet move to the dancefloor from the comfort of their homes.
At the beginning of 1999 the dancehall massive can invest their money in the label's newest delivery, "The Ultimate Dancehall Mix", which is no exception to the tried and trusted concept, although some of the tunes and riddims included could be captured on the label's previous album releases. Six riddims are dominating the "Ultimate Dancehall Mix" of which Richard Martin's "Faith" riddim, Donovan Germain's killer riddim "Up Close And Personal" and Lewis "Flabba" Malcolm's "Top Shotta" are already well known to most of the dancehall followers. Best efforts across the aforementioned riddims come from Mr. Vegas who explodes over "Yuh Sure" before he delivers a wicked combination cut with Lady G. Dancehall mainstays Beenie Man and Buju Banton live up to expectations with outstanding versions across the "Up Close And Personal" riddim and with the Lewis "Flabba" Malcolm produced "You Done Rule" Dutty Cup member Sean Paul showcases why he is regarded one of the rising hot dancehall stars. It's Sean Paul again who impresses as he kicks things off with "Look So Appealing" - one of three great versions across a wicked and infectious new dancehall riddim - thus providing further evidence of his skills and talent. Young Prince (what's in a name ?!) takes over the proceedings with a nice effort across a rendition of (the artist formerly known as) Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" riddim.
More dancehall niceness can be captured when Tanya Stephens caresses the eardrums with her "Chappa" followed by solid versions from Singing Melody and the combination Elephant Man & Michellle delivered across the same appealing riddim. The MegaMix, mixed by Bill Aheam for Groove Trax, presents "The Ultimate Dancehall Mix" in a nutshell.

Teacher & Mr. T.