Various artists album review
The Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection Volume 2
Double CD set & 48 page booklet
17 - 02 - 1999

Tracking list

    Disc 1
  1. Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Kill Them All
  2. The Upsetters - Soul Walk
  3. Sir Lord Comic & The Upsetters - Bronco
  4. The Upsetters - One Punch
  5. Lee Perry - Do You Like It
  6. The Upsetters - A Touch Of Fire
  7. Busty Brown - Consider Me
  8. The Upsetters - Consider Me Version
  9. The Heaters - Melting Pot
  10. The Upsetters - Kinky Mood
  11. Melanie Jonas & Dave Barker - Spinning Wheel
  12. The Upsetters - Spinning Wheel Version
  13. Dave Barker & The Upsetters - Shocks Of Mighty
  14. Dave Barker & The Upsetters - Set Me Free
  15. The Upsetters - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
  16. The Upsetters - Pick Folk Kinkiest
  17. Dave Barker & The Upsetters - Granny Show Part 1
  18. Dave Barker & The Upsetters - Granny Show Part 2
  19. The Upsetters - Fire Fire
  20. The Upsetters - The Jumper
  21. The Upsetters - The Pillow
  22. The Upsetters - Grooving
  23. Martin Riley & Fay bennett - Self Control
  24. Martin Riley - The Pill
  25. The Soulettes - Let It Be
   Disc 2
  1. The Upsetters - Big Dog Bloxie
  2. The Upsetters - Fresh Up
  3. The Upsetters - Toothache
  4. The Versatiles - The Thanks We Get
  5. The Versatiles - Hurry Up
  6. Bob Marley & The Wailers - My Cup
  7. Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Son Of Thunder
  8. The Upsetters - Thunder Version
  9. The Upsetters - Blood Poison
  10. The Upsetters - Dreamland
  11. The Upsetters - Version Of Cup
  12. Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Sipreano
  13. The Upsetters - Ferry Boat
  14. Dave Barker & The Upsetters - Some Sympathy
  15. The Untouchables - Tender Love
  16. The Untouchables - Same Thing All Over
  17. The Untouchables - It's Over
  18. The Upsetters - Bigger Joke
  19. The Upsetters - Return Of The Vampire
  20. Dave Barker & The Upsetters - Sound Undergound
  21. Dave Barker & The Wailers - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
  22. The Upsetters - Justice
  23. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Duppy Conqueror
  24. Dave Barker & The Upsetters - Upsetting Station
  25. Upsetters - Dig Your Grave
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 5

This double CD collection consists of 25 singles all issued throughout 1970 on Trojan's Upsetter label. In 1970 Lee Perry opened his Upsetter Record shop on Charles street, in the heart of downtown Kingston. He was still a long way short of raising sufficient capital required to build his own studio and until such a time arose the bulk of his production work was conducted at either Randy's Studio 17 at North Parade or Dynamic Sounds in Bell Road.
Gladdy's All Stars were used to provide the backing on his earlier sessions, but from now on he started employing a buch of musicians which had accompanied him on a UK tour : the Barrett brothers, Alva Lewis, and Glen Adams. The first disc kicks off with Kill Them All, an experimental tune with Perry's vocal interjections bridging three different riddims spliced together. Soul Walk by comparison is remarkably mundane with its sparse production and minimal effect in stark contrast to the original A-side.
Busty Brown, aka B.B. James (real name Clive Smith) cut a fine version of Consider Me and the UK release of of this tune was significant for being the first UK Upsetter single to feature a version on the B-side. As so many other producers Perry recorded versions of pop songs. Melting Pot, Let It Be, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying and Spinning Wheel are just a few examples of Perry's efforts. Spinning Wheel was included in Kenny Everett's "World's Worst Record Show" in 1978 !
Dave Barker recorded some of his best work for Lee Perry. His vocal delivery (both as a singer and a deejay) proved to be popular on the island as well as in the UK. Shocks Of Mighty, Upsetting Station and Sound Underground are fine examples of his talents. His Some Sympathy marked a subtle change of direction in Lee Perry's sound, featuring a full horns section.
Not long after their initial collaboration Lee Perry and Bob Marley wrote what proved to be one of the producer's most enduring releases, Duppy Conqueror. The single proved to be Lee Perry's best selling release of 1970 and set the standard for future releases by both himself and the group. The B-side Justice had the rare novelty of featuring a trumpet as the leading instrumen, with either Bobby Ellis and Carl Bryan the featured soloist.
Just as the first volume the presentation is faultless ; Laurence Cane-Honeysett once again provides excellent sleeve notes -which we used for this review- , and the front cover photography is by Tim Barrow. Blazing chalice !

Teacher & Mr. T.