Vibes And Tides (Set One)
Mango Seed Music
Digital Release
July 20, 2011

Vibes and Tides - Set One - Various Artists Track list
  1. Bunny Rugs - Just Can't Deny
  2. Tanya Stephens & Taddy P - Heart Of Stone (Dub Mix)
  3. Courtney John - Never Keep You Waiting
  4. Bescenta - Your Love
  5. O-Shen - Angel Eyes
  6. Camar aka Flava Unit - Anything You Want
  7. Jah Cure - All This Time
  8. Maxi Priest & Taddy P - Too Busy
  9. Big Mountain - Baby Stay
  10. Stuart Wilson - Rule The World
  11. Sizzla & Fame - Don't Let Go
  12. Spanner Banner - Give Thanx
  13. The Itals - No Mercy
  14. Tony Curtis - How Could I Live
  15. Dean Stephens & Robert Angus - So Good
  16. Everton Blender - Lift Up Your Head
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
In the midst of the summer season appears a compilation set entitled "Vibes And Tides (Set One", featuring some new, some recent and some old tunes from various production houses. Actually the idea behind this project is to work collectively together to support indie labels and producers in order to create an awareness about reggae music... kinda like a farmers market approach.

Compiled by Mango Seed Music, this album features an impressive line-up of mostly internationally known reggae artists such as Bunny Rugs of Third World fame, Jah Cure, Tanya Stephens, Maxi Priest, Everton Blender and Sizzla, to name six. Besides that there's also the involvement of record labels like California based Itation Records, Taddy P's Bass Inna Yu Face Records, Raw Edge Productions, Rebel Ink Productions, Truckback Records, and Richard Bell's Star Trail Records, which have all been putting out hit tunes.

It's all about positive irie vibrations, and after listening to all the songs gathered here it's obvious that they soothe the soul, make you wanna dance and also make you feel good all over! Bunny Rugs' golden voice can be enjoyed to the fullest when you listen to his gorgeous, Dean Fraser produced song "Just Can't Deny". Next comes Taddy P of Bass Inna Yu Face Records with a new dub mix of Tanya Stephens' wonderful hit tune "Heart Of Stone", later followed by the matching "Too Busy" from UK lovers rock star Maxi Priest. Also Courtney John -- known from hit singles like "Lucky Man" and "Baby Tonight" -- is a reggae crooner who can deliver fine lovers tune as he once again affirms with "Never Keep You Waiting" recorded for Itation Records. From the same label comes the smokin' rootsy vibes of "Your Love" by the up-and-coming singer Bescenta. It's followed by Camar aka Flava Unit's freeflowin' "Anything You Want", which is a solid lovers piece.

Jah Cure's "All This Time" caresses your eardrums, while Morobe, Papua New Guinea born and since 2000 Hawaiian based O-Shen delivers the nice "Angel Eyes", while the poppy ballad "Baby Stay" is one of Big Mountain greatest classic love songs. From the Cayman Islands comes Stuart Wilson, whose "Rule The World" doesn't leave a real good impression. Then drops "Don't Let Go", a reggae-hiphop combination from Sizzla and female DJ Fame Cohen. Sizzla is in real good shape and he alone makes this tune worth hearing. Both Spanner Banner's "Give Thanx" (1999) and Everton Blender's "Lift Up Your Head" (1994) are old recordings from the Star Trail label, but today they're still a joy to hear. The Itals shine bright with "No Mercy", which is underpinned by a relick of Gregory Isaacs' "Mr. Cop". Dennis Brown is still sorely missed by his fans worldwide, but here Tony Curtis keeps the Crownprince's legacy alive with a worthy remake of "How Could I Live".

"Vibes And Tides (Set One)" is the perfect soundtrack for this summer, so chill out, hang loose and listen to this very enjoyable collection.