Vitamin Riddim & Highlight Riddim
Akom Records
June 14, 2010

Vitamin Track list
  1. Jah Mason - Journey To Life
  2. Wild Life - Dem A Fight
  3. Lutan Fyah - Word Sounds & Power
  4. Anthony John - Meditation Spree
  5. Natty King - Sell Out
  6. Jah Marnyah - Evilous Ways
  7. Tony O - Good Old Girl
  8. Dub Akom - Vitamin Riddim
  9. Jah Marnyah - Life
  10. Pressure Buss Pipe - Hail Fari
  11. Lorenzo - How Can I
  12. Black Dillinger & Jah Seed - Beginning & End
  13. Antonio West - Rude Bwoy
  14. Jah Mason - Jah Cause The Light
  15. Natty King - Still Have Love
  16. Stikki - Leaders Of The World
  17. Edge Michael - Higher Meditation
  18. Dub Akom - Highlight Riddim
  19. Lorenzo - How Can I (Remix)
  20. Jah Mason - Jah Cause The Light (Remix)
  21. Pressure - Hail Fari (Remix)
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Total votes : 10
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
In the summer of 2008 backing band and riddim makers Dub Akom from Marseille, France, celebrated the release of their fresh original "Vitamin" riddim on their own imprint Akom Records with 3 singles featuring respected Jamaican artists like Jah Mason, Lutan Fyah, Natty King and Edge Michael. Almost a year later they unleashed a batch of singles for their second riddim entitled "Highlight", which again includes efforts from Jah Mason, Natty King and Edge Michael, now joined by cuts from internationally well known Pressure Buss Pipe and then up and coming artists such as Antonio West, Lorenzo and Stikki. And again a year further Dub Akom finally treats the reggae massive to a "dbl-riddim" album featuring the "Vitamin" and "Highlight" riddims plus a dancehall remix of the latter.

The "Vitamin" riddim is a powerful rootical backdrop and a real joy to hear. The latter also goes for the vocal efforts of the artists who ride the riddim in fine style. Jah Mason and Lutan Fyah deliver a solid tune in their well-known singjay style, with Jah Mason's "Journey To Life" being the slightly better version on the riddim. Singer Natty King is in real fine form and makes a very good impression with "Sell Out". Brand new and previously unreleased tunes come from Wild Life, Anthony John, Jah Marnyah and Tony O. Wild Life, whose debut album "Too Tuff" made a decent impression, delivers a solid effort with the powerful "Dem A Fight", while France based Jamaican singer Anthony John aka Mr. Music comes up with the matching "Meditation Spree". We never heard a tune of Jah Marnyah and Tony O, but both artists make a good impression. For "Evilous Ways" singjay Jah Marnyah combines a raw, kinda growling vocal delivery with more melodic vocals, while Tony O's "Good Old Girl" shows that he's a sweet-voiced soulful singer. A real pity is the omitting of Edge Michael's single "Mr. Babylon". The ever welcome clean version rounds off the "Vitamin" part and makes way for the matching, if not outmatching, "Highlight" riddim.

Jah Marnyah is the first to ride the carefully constructed "Highlight" and he truly impresses with the awesome "Life", which wasn't previously available in any format. This also wasn't the case with the solid combination tune "Beginning & End" by Black Dillinger & Jah Seed. V.I.'s Pressure Buss Pipe is in real good shape and his cultural piece "Hail Fari" belongs to the standouts that were cut for this blazing 'one drop' riddim with its edgy bass line. The combinatio Strong lyrics and melodic skill make Lorenzo's "How Can I" worth of hearing, while "Rude Bwoys" shows that newcomer Antonio West can keep up with the better known artists. One of them is Jah Mason, whose solid "Jah Cause The Light" is another tune not too miss. Singer Natty King already made a very good impression on the "Vitamin" riddim, and continues to do so on this second backdrop with "Still Have Love". Stikki's "Leaders Of The World" indicates that he's an artist to watch for in the near future and the same goes for the nephew of the late Peter Tosh and former lead singer of the Gumption Band, Edge Michael. Even though he's almost a veteran in the business with several 7" singles and three full length albums under his belt, the singer is still waiting for wider recognition.

Three cuts on a remixed version of the "Highlight" riddim, aptly called "Relight", closes off a very entertaining collection of tunes. This 21 track album is definitely worth checking out!!