Twilight Sound System ~ Vocal Anthology Vol. 1
M Records
June 24, 2008

Twilight Circus Track list
  1. Mikey General - Tell It Like It Is
  2. Fred Locks - Won't Give Up The Fight
  3. Michael Rose - Warrior
  4. Brando - Greater Than Great
  5. Big Youth - Love Is What We Need (Gcorp Remix)
  6. Admiral Tibet - Have The Strength
  7. Luciano - What We Got To Do
  8. Big Youth - Lion's Den
  9. Jah Stitch - Universal Ruler
  10. Michael Rose - No Burial
  11. Luciano - Spiritual Friend
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Over the past fifteen years or so Canadian engineer, producer & musician Ryan Moore has steadily built himself a strong name in the reggae community. His first release, "Twilight Circus In Dub Volume 1", was the start of a series of dub albums that garnered much critical praise. It was obvious that his dub workouts were heavily influenced by the groundbreaking 1970s dubs of Jamaican greats such as King Tubby and Lee Perry. Even though the influences of the masters were recognizable, Ryan Moore never tried to recreate the works of his illustrious predecessors. Instead he created his own signature sound with instrumental dub outings that made a serious impression and were cherished by many (classic) dub fans.

After having released about 10 dub albums, with some of them being quite successful from a commercial point of view, Ryan Moore moved into new territory. With the release of two 10" singles and the "Foundation Rockers" compilation, a collection of mainly vocal tracks by a number of great Jamaican vocalists with full horn sections and top-notch production, he not only avoided to become repetitive with his 'strictly dub' releases, but also broadened his record buying public. It turned out to be a very good move as it also led to the release of "African Roots", one of Michael Rose's best albums in recent years. Other vocal albums that were released on Ryan Moore's own label M Records include Ranking Joe's "World In Trouble", another Michael Rose set entitled "Warrior", and the compilation albums "Twilight Sound System Presents Deeper Roots", "Cultural Roots Showcase", and "Rasta International". Besides that the dub fan wasn't forgotten as the vocal albums of Ranking Joe and Michael Rose got a dub companion.

"Twilight Sound System ~ Vocal Anthology Vol. 1" contains a great selection of vocal tracks culled from the earlier mentioned compilations, the Michael Rose albums and Twilight Sound System''s album "Remixed: Dubwise". This sampler contains no fillers, only real good efforts with a few of them being truly outstanding tunes. The latter include Fred Locks' "Won't Give Up The Fight", Michael Rose's wicked "Warrior", "Have The Strength" by the criminally underrated Admiral Tibet, Luciano's "What We Got To Do", and Big Youth's awesome "Lion's Den".

A recommended purchase for any old school style oriented reggae fan, who has overlooked the vocal releases on Ryan Moore's M Records.