Wackies Sampler Vol. 3
Wackies - Indigo
October 10, 2008

Max Romeo - Wackies Sampler, Vol. 3 Track list
  1. March Down Babylon Dub - Prince Douglas
  2. Live In The City - Horace Andy
  3. You’re Back Part II - Lloyd McTaggart
  4. Boy I Love You - Joy Card
  5. Unlimited Dub - Bullwackies All Stars
  6. Shack Up With You - John Clarke
  7. Creator - John Clarke
  8. Love Hangover - Horace Andy
  9. Sun Will Shine - Jezzreel
  10. Prepare Jah Man - Jah Carlos
  11. I Put My Trust - Jezzreel
  12. Sweet Melody - Milton Henry
  13. Birth Of Reggae Music - Max Romeo
  14. Space Age - Bullwackies All Stars
  15. Tear Down The Dance Hall - Little John
  16. Genuine Lover - Sugar Minott
  17. Creation Dubwise - Itopia
  18. Simple Little Woman - Joe Auxumite
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This is yet another great rerelease in the string of classic Wackies albums that have been (re)released by Berlin dub-techno duo Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus a.k.a. Rhythm & Sound, as part of their rerelease program of the complete Wackie's catalog, (more on Rhythm & Sound's own releases, whether technodub on Basic Channel or reggae on their Rhythm & Sound label can be found at the Basic Channel website). This time, after 18 more projects in Rhythm & Sound's Wackies reissue program in the last three-and-a-half years, here is the overview of the releases following "Wackies Sampler Vol. 2". On this "Wackies Sampler Vol. 3" one tune is featured from each release with the tunes taken from 10" and 12" appearing here for the first time on CD within this reissue program.

Prince Douglas opens this set with "March Down Babylon Dub", the brilliant dub reworking of the riddim of Steel Pulse's "Handsworth Revolution" with Lloyd 'Bullwackie' Barnes under his Chosen Brothers moniker deejaying over it from his brilliant dub album "Presenting ... Dub Roots", followed by Horace Andy's "Live In The City", which is actually "Spying Glass" the tune he revisited with Massive Attack and that was included on the Melankolic release "Skylarking", from the originally on Solid Groove out of Croydon, South London released "Exclusively", but appearing also on the original Wackies release "Dance Hall Style". The first series of 12" exclusives starts with the flipside of one Wackies' earliest and most obscure 12"s, that of Lloyd McTaggart's "You’re Back Part II", followed by Joy Card with the beautiful tough dubby lovers rock tune "Boy I Love You" and the great dub reworking of Jah Tuff's 1975 singjay coverage of the Mohammed Ali - Joe Frazier "Thriller in Manilla" "Unlimited Dub" from the Bullwackies All Stars' "Dub Unlimited" album.

John Clarke is present with songs from both his Wackies releases, the smooth lovers tune "Shack Up With You" from "Visions Of John Clarke" and "Creator" from "Rootsy Reggae", a fine song of praise on which John Clarke sounds like a little bit more upbeat Sylford Walker and both these LPs were collected two years ago on the Basic Channel Wackies (re-)release "Rootsy Reggae / Visions Of John Clarke". Horace Andy's compelling "Love Hangover" was until now another vinyl-only exclusive that is followed by Jezzreel, with an almost minor-key intro kicking off the uplifting song of gratitude "Sun Will Shine", that in a way reminds of (mentioned for the second time in this review) Sylford Walker's works, from their "Great Jah Jah" showcase album. "Prepare Jah Man" (voiced in Jamaica) by (Don Carlos as) Jah Carlos is the mighty vocal tune that appeared on the extremely powerful "Reckless Roots Rockers" dub set by the Reckless Breed - in fact the Soul Syndicate -.

Jezzreel's second contribution on this compilation "I Put My Trust" is the fourth tune that has (inexplicably) never been released on CD before. >From the smashing 1985 album "Who Do You Think I Am?" by Milton Henry stems "Sweet Melody", on which Milton's great vocal performance is topping a riddim closest to the digital sound as coming out of Wackies studio then, followed by one of the best tunes that Max Romeo cut outside Lee Perry's Black Ark studio, the until now only as 12" available "Birth Of Reggae Music". "Space Age" is the gloomier extremely bass heavy dub of the riddim of the titletrack of the Bullwackies All Stars' 1970 heavy dub set "Free For All". Little John rode Sugar Minott's 'Informer'-riddim for his "Tear Down The Dance Hall" on the flipside of Jah Batta's 12" "Informer" but the tune was also included as a bonustrack on the CD-rerelease of Sugar Minott's 1983 10" mini-album "Dance Hall Showcase Vol. II" from which Sugar's own sweet "Genuine Lover" follows.

In June this year, two 1981 7"s by Lloyd 'Bullwackie' Barnes' usual session players Itopia were being re-released on a 12" and the spectacular "Creation Dubwise" is taken from the flipside of one of the 45s. Joe Auxumite contributed two vocal tunes to the "Black World" dub album by the Bullwackies All stars of which "Simple Little Woman" is one. Unfortunately - as you will agree after hearing this tune - the solo-album he recorded for Wackies will never be released, because most of the tapes are lost. This is a phenomenal compilation and - if you haven't bought all the re-releases of Wackies material yet or are like me a CD-only buyer and didn't get any of the tunes on the 12"-releases - a must buy, from which you can hear the audio samples here. The ongoing series of Wackies rereleases from Basic Channel belongs entirely in every reggae and dub collection.