Wall Street Riddim
Heavy Beat Records
Digital Release
June 10, 2013

Track list
  1. Wayne Wade - Wall Street
  2. Screwdriver - Harsh Reality
  3. Glen Washington - Crazy Kinda Sweet Thing
  4. Kashief Lindo - You're All I Need'
  5. Nikesha Lindo - My Heart's Rhythym
  6. Ambelique - Change Your Attitude
  7. The Melodians - Go Before Us Jah
  8. Al Campbell - Laugh After Dem
  9. Mical Rustle - Back To Mount Zion
  10. Ashli Jade - Iím Forever Yours
  11. Barry Biggs - If You Could See Me Now
  12. Jah Ruby - A Yuh A Kill Wi
  13. Gavinchi Brown - Life Is Just For Living
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
After the previously released 'one riddim' albums "113", "Pretty Looks", and "Sign", all three part of Heavy Beat Records' "Reggaematic Music" series, there's another real nice juggling set out on the streets entitled "Wall Street Riddim". Produced by Willie Lindo, who is a legend in reggae music as a musician and producer, this remake of Bunny Wailer's "Ballroom Floor" riddim has been voiced by an impeccable line-up of artists including a notable amount of veterans in the reggae business.

Right from the start it's obvious that Willie Lindo has done it once again as the "Wall Street Riddim" is stamped with quality all over. It comes with an uptempo bassline, syncd percussion effects and beautiful background vocals. Wayne Wade, whose initial success came in 1976 with "Black Is Our Colour", gets the juggling started with "Wall Street Yuh Come From". The latter is a strong conscious tune, which is followed by Screwdriver's matching "Harsh Reality". More conscious lyrics can be heard in Al Campbell's "Laugh After Dem" and Mycal Rustle's "Back To Mount Zion", while The Melodians deliver a worthy roots piece called "Go Before Us Jah". But a riddim this sweet can't help but inspire lovers material and so it proves on cuts such as Glen Washington's "Crazy Kinda Sweet Thing", Ambelique's "Change Your Attitude", and Barry Biggs' "If You Could See Me Now". Also the tunes done by Willie Lindo's son and daughter, Kashief Lindo ("You Are All I Need") and Nikesha Lindo ("My Heart's Rythm"), deal with affairs of the heart.

Every cut included on this album is worth a spin, so do check it out!