Way U Move
Various / Bassrunner feat. Ill Inspecta & El Condorsíto
Bassrunner Productions-Germaican Records
October 14, 2005

Track list
  1. Intro
    Dancehall Segment 1
  2. Rodeo (Special) - Lukie D
  3. Shake Wha' U Have - T.O.K.
  4. Como Se Visten (Exclusive) - El Condorsíto
  5. Madd Paper (Special) - Ill Inspecta
  6. Eediat Badman - Elephant Man
  7. A Di Bes' A Dem - Harry Toddler
  8. Ghetto Gladiator - Bounty Killer
  9. Send It On - DaVille
  10. Get The Party On - Voicemail & Danny English
  11. Telephone Skit - Beenie Man
  12. Chakka Dance - Beenie Man
  13. Sen On - Bounty Killer
  14. Too Fucky Fucky - Vybz Kartel
  15. Eye Deh A Wi Knee - Sean Paul
  16. Hey Ladies - T.O.K.
  17. Get Up - T.O.K.
  18. Shake It Baby - Hollow Point
  19. Long Story RMX - Elephant Man
  20. Latino Pride - Lil'Cee, DJ Skribble & DJ Sal Parm
  21. Culo - Pitbull feat. Lil'Jon
    Reggaetón Segment 1
  22. 1000 Dub (Special) - Ill Inspecta
  23. Don Vigoton (Special) - El Condorsíto
  24. Toma Reggaetón - Gem Star & N.O.R.E.
  25. El Bumper - Voltio
  26. Dale - Don Omar
  27. Que Paso Paso (Bachata Mix) - Daddy Yankee
  28. En La Disco Bailoteo - Winsin & Yandel
  29. Oye Me Canto - Nina Sky feat. Tego Calderon & Noreaga
  30. Sientelo - Speedy feat. Lumidee
  31. Chicos Skit 1
    Dancehall Segment 2
  32. The Way U Move (Exclusive) - Ill Inspecta & El Condorsíto
  33. She Makes Me Weak - T.O.K.
  34. Push It To You - Vybz Kartel
  35. Rah Rah RMX - Elephant Man feat. Daddy Yankee & Pitbull
  36. Some DJ - Lady Lee
  37. Fire, Fire - David House Crew
  38. Gangsta Reach Out - Sizzla
  39. Tell A Nerd - Bounty Killer
  40. Garrison - Vybz Kartel
  41. Outta Control - Wayne Marshalll & Future Troubles
  42. Hot Gal - Tony Curtis & Mr. Lex
  43. The Way U Move (Special) - Ill Inspecta
  44. Himno (Special) - El Condorsíto
  45. Chicos Skit 2
    Hip Hop Segment
  46. 1000 Gyal (Special) - Ill Inspecta
  47. 1000 Bullet (Exclusive) - Ill Inspecta
  48. Himno (Exclusive) - El Condorsíto
  49. Badman A Roll (Exclusive) - Bounty Killer
  50. Peligroso - Peligro feat. Jadakiss & La Bruha
  51. Fuego - Joel Ortiz, La Bruha & Peligro
  52. Nah Apologize - Sizzla
  53. Para Mi Bario - Tony Touch feat. Vico C
  54. Arte De La Calle - Don Dinero feat. D'mingo
    Reggaetón Segment 2
  55. Besame Mucho (Special) - El Condorsíto
  56. Kriss Like Dis (Exclusive) - Ill Inspecta
  57. Do The Damn Thing - Rupee feat. Lil'Kim
  58. Soul On Fire - KMC feat. Beenie Man
  59. Hot Tamale RMX - Mr. Vegas feat Don Chezina
  60. Pal Party - Nicky Jam
  61. Dile - Ivy Queen
  62. Gazolina Party Breaks - Kazzanove & DJ Cream
  63. Gasolina - Daddy Yankee
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Austria's Bassrunner Soundtribe have joint forces with Germany's Germaican Records for the 80 minutes Mix-CD featuring Germaican Scout Ill Inspecta and their own MC and new member for Germaican Scout El Condorsíto. After the "Intro" it's full speed ahead for a selection of tunes on the latest Seeed/Germaican Records riddim 'Rodeo' with the dubplate of Lukie D's "Rodeo" and Ill Inspecta's "Madd Paper" as well as an exclusive by El Condorsíto "Como Se Visten". Following are tunes over Pow Pow Movement's dancehall riddim 'Gladiator', and after a funny Beenieman telephone skit it's time for Don Corleon's 'Jonkanoo', followed by Hard Drive's 'Wild Out', also including the Elephant Man "Long Story RMX" over that riddim, followed by "Latino Pride" and Pitbull's "Culo" over Kings Of Kings' 'Coolie Dance' as a bridge to the reggaetón segment, that is however opened with 2 wicked specials from Ill Inspecta "1000 Dub" and El Condorsíto "Don Vigoton". The reggaetón tunes included on average get a bit longer played than the dancehall tunes, from my point of view more than justified as these are the (for dancehall and reggae listeners) lesser known tunes. Very enjoyable though, the tunes chosen might be completely reggaetón but maintain the dancehallvibe, so well done. Then the downloadable "The Way U Move", with Ill Inspecta & El Condorsíto exclusively over the dancehall meets reggaetón 'Square'-riddim is taking us back into a next dancehall segment, for Massive B's 'Rah Rah' with Elephant Man's tune featuring reggaetón star Daddy Yankee & Miami's crunk star Pitbull. Then Lady Lee's "Some DJ" over the Axel F riddim and the David House Crew with "Fire Fire" before it's Buju Banton's Gargamel label's 'Garrison'-riddim before 2 more dubplates by Ill Inspecta "The Way U Move" and El Condorsíto "Himno" and another nice "Chicos Skit close the second Dancehall Segment. Ready for the Hip Hop segment then, with three more tunes by the Germaican Scouts, Ill Inspecta's dubplate "1000 Gyal" and the exclusive "1000 Bullet" as well as El Condorsíto's "Himno" in the exclusive version, all over the hip hop inspired so new it's still unreleased Germaican Records riddim 'Opium', that is also under Bounty Killer's excellent "Badman A Roll". The nice Puerto Rican hip hop beats following are also under Sizzla's "Nah Apologize", and after more Spanish language hip hop it's back to reggaetón again for El Condorsíto's "Besame Mucho" dubplate and Ill Inspecta's "Kriss Like Dis" exclusive, doing his 'Cure'-riddim tune in a reggaetón style. Some big reggaetón and reggaetón-dancehall crossover tunes close this very entertaining Mix-CD, definitely recommended for everyone who wants to hear what all the reggaetón hype is about, though the dancehall segments alone are already making it worth buying.