Various artists album review
Massive B Presents: Yard Bounce
Massive B
14 - 01 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Bounty Killer - Fire With Fire
  2. Burru Banton - Phenomenum 1
  3. Lexxus - Ride With Me
  4. Kiprich - Lau Me
  5. Elephant Man - Somebody
  6. Razah - Yard Bounce
  7. Murder Inc. - Wa-ba-le
  8. Lexxus - Stress
  9. T.O.K. - If A War
  10. Bounty Killer - Indecent
  11. Elephant Man - Mrs. Hook
  12. Bounty Killer - Mr. Tear N Boar
  13. Mr. Vegas - Nice & Sweet
  14. Razah - Gu Way
  15. Burru Banton - Politicians
  16. Chronicle & Norris Man - Highest Grade
  17. K.M.C. - Where's My Girl
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Brooklyn's Bobby Konders aka Massive B has unleashed three wicked Dancehall riddims on one CD entitled "Massive B Presents: Yard Bounce". On this compilation set the Dancehall fan is treated to an uncompromising seventeen-track assault featuring some of today's leading names from the Dancehall front including Bounty Killer, Lexxus, Elephant Man, Burru Banton and Mr. Vegas. Next to seven pieces over the "Yard Bounce" riddim this set contains another seven pieces across the "Rewind" riddim as well as three efforts for the "Siren" riddim.
Bounty Killer kicks off with a real killer tune entitled "Fire With Fire", the first version over the popular "Yard Bounce", thus at once setting the pace for things to come. Gruff-voiced Burru Banton delivers a solid effort with the entertaining ganja tune "Phenomenum 1". Lexxus aka Mr. Lex comes up with a satisfying effort, before Kiprich takes over with the awesome "Lau Me". A pachyderm-sized delivery "Somebody" comes from the human explosion that is Elephant Man, who performs this tune in his well-known style YOU KNOW. Singer Razah, who contributes with the appealing tune "Yard Bounce", shows he has a fine voice for these kind of riddims. Last piece for the riddim comes from Murdah Inc., which happens to be a decent effort as well.
Then the fearsome "Rewind" is loaded for another hardcore bashment with Lexxus firing a decent tune entitled "Stress", followed by a fine delivery from the outfit T.O.K. The same goes for Bounty Killer's "Indecent" and Elephant Man's "Mrs. Hook". Burru Banton shines in "Politicians" and also the combination tune "Highest Grade" by Chronicle and Norris Man belongs to the best efforts. K.M.C.'s "Where's My Girl" is a nice, but rather mediocre piece. Only three cuts utilizing the infectious "Siren" riddim, but every single track is well worth spinning. Bounty Killer's "Mr. Tear N Boar" is a real boom tune, while also Mr. Vegas and Razah can be captured in very good shape as both deliver prime cuts.
"Massive B Presents: Yard Bounce" is a very enjoyable set containing Ragga/Dancehall hard as Brooklyn concrete!

Teacher & Mr. T.