Inna De Yard ~ Live In France
Inna De Yard
July 21, 2010

Track list
  1. Inna De Yard All Stars - Rivers Of Babylon
  2. Earl 'Chinna' Smith - Satan Side
  3. Kiddus I - No Salvation
  4. Matthew McAnuff - Be Careful
  5. Cedric Myton - Fisherman
  6. Linval Thompson - Inna The Hills
  7. Derajah - Ooh Yeah Yah
  8. Earl 'Chinna' Smith - Homegrown
  9. The Viceroys - So Many Problems
  10. Earl 'Chinna' Smith - Mr Chatterbox
  1. Inna De Yard All Stars - Rivers Of Babylon
  2. Earl 'Chinna' Smith - Satan Side
  3. Earl 'Chinna' Smith - Homegrown
  4. Derajah - Ooh Yeah Yah
  5. Kiddus I - Graduation In Zion
  6. Kiddus I - No Salvation
  7. Linval Thompson - Jah Guiding Star
  8. Matthew McAnuff - Be Careful
  9. Cedric Myton - Forever Young
  10. Cedric Myton - Fisherman
  11. The Viceroys - Detour
  12. The Viceroys - Ya Ho
  13. Linval Thompson - Gimme Back
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 5
In August 2004 the recordings for Makasound's unique project "Inna De Yard" took place at Chinna's yard, situated in Kingston 10, Jamaica. It resulted in the release of the notable compilation set "Earl 'Chinna' Smith & Idrens", actually the start of a series that marked the return to the acoustic roots of reggae, where folk and blues collided and flowed from the yards of Jamaica. In the following years big names from the 1970s like Cedric Myton of the Congos, the mysterious Kiddus I, The Viceroys, Linval Thompson, Mighty Diamonds and many more including a few new talents, found their way to Chinna's yard to record their tunes in an acoustic setting. Not every reggae afficionado is a big fan of the concept, but there are lots of people who are.

Then, at a certain point and probably due to popular demand, Makasound invited Earl 'Chinna' Smith along with some of the artists and musicians involved in their projects to tour France, which eventually became an annual happening. Now, coinciding with the first European tour, the label has unleashed a wonderful package consisting of a CD as well as DVD with live recordings from the Inna De Yard All Stars featuring Cedric Myton, The Viceroys, Linval Thompson, Kiddus I and of course Earl 'Chinna' Smith, along with young up-and-coming artists such as Derajah and Matthew McAnuff. They were accompanied by players of instruments like Kush McAnuff, Alfonso Craig, Muctar Wurie and guest musicians Faya Horns, Stepper and Fixi. The recordings for the CD were done in Nancy and Paris, while the DVD was recorded at Printemps de Bourges in April 2009. Furthermore the DVD contains bonus material from Prince Alla, The Viceroys, Junior Murvin and more. It's praiseworthy that CD and DVD do not feature the same performances, which brings even more value for money. Both CD and DVD have some great moments including our personal favourites i.e. Matthew McAnuff's underground hit "Be Careful", Kiddus I's "Graduation In Zion", Cedric Myton's "Fisherman", and The Viceroys' "Ya Ho".