Yemisi Riddim
Oneness Records
Digital Release
October 29, 2015

Track list
  1. J.Boog & Irie Love - Been So Long
  2. Macka B - Gangster
  3. Jah Chango feat. Dactah Chando - Donde
  4. Sara Lugo & Lutan Fyah - They Know Not Love
  5. Richie Campbell - More Than Air
  6. Naptali & Arofat - Rasta Freedom
  7. House Of Shem - Jah Love
  8. Tamika - Needed You So Much
  9. Mark Wonder - Distant Lover
  10. New Kingston - Good Luck Charm
  11. Daddy West - We Stayed Strong
  12. Umberto Echo - Rasta Freedom Dub
  13. Yemisi Riddim Version
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
After having treated the reggae massive to great juggling projects such as "Rise Up", "Backstabber", "Reggaeville", "African Children", and "Retro Locks", the well respected Oneness Records outta Germany reveals another worthwhile riddim project called "Yemisi" (meaning 'God cherishes me' in Yoruba), which was first heard on Sara Lugo's 2011 album "What About Love" ("They Know Not Love" feat. Lutan Fyah).

Produced by Moritz "DaBaron" von Korff & Benjamin "Benjammin" Zecher, and mixed by Umberto Echo, this brand new "Yemisi Riddim" compilation features noteworthy performances from internationally known reggae artists like for example UK chatter Macka B, the 'Dragon Slayer' Mark Wonder and the 'Lyrical Wizard' Lutan Fyah, but also from upcomers like Richie Campbell, House Of Shem and Daddy West. It's always interesting to check out artists who have to establish their name on an international level as you can come across an artist that may surprise and excite you. This certainly is the case with New Zealand's vocal trio House Of Shem, which impresses with an impassioned sounding performance of their uplifting tune called "Jah Love". Also Portuguese reggae singer Richie Campbell leaves a good impression with his lover's lament "More Than Air". And there are more songs that deal with affairs of the heart included here. Daddy West, a reggae artist from Nigeria, Africa, shows that he's a real fine crooner with "We Stayed Strong", while Tamika's sensual sounding "Needed You So Much" and New Kingston's "Good Luck Charm" turn out to be solid love tunes worth hearing.

With the awesome "Gangster", veteran Macka B, known for his ever conscious lyrics, delivers one of the standouts. A real big tune that goes on replay! Another highlight is the above mentioned "They Know Not Love", a wicked collaboration between Sara Lugo and Lutan Fyah with lyrics that matter.
Tell me what’s the real reason
For the looting, and the shooting and the killing
Everyday, mi see peer blood spilling
Hey, tell me what are they fighting for
Innocent dying everyday in the streets
Youths caught in the crime while the guilty walk free
Dis yah betta know: Dem no care bout you nor me
To be poor is a crime
What a penalty 
And then there's also the combination tune "Rasta Freedom" from Naptali and the little known reggae/dancehall artist from Kingston, Jamaica, named Omar Campbell aka Arofat. The latter previously collaborated with Naptali on other songs for Oneness Records such as "Grandma" and "Nah Partial", which showed that these two artists meld together nicely. It's shown once again with the excellent "Rasta Freedom", another big tune on the "Yemisi".

In the past years the people behind Oneness Records have been producing very high quality reggae music, and this "Yemisi Riddim" is further proof of their ability to come up with a totally satisfying project.