Yu Go! Riddim EP
Germaica Digital
Digital Release
October 28, 2011

Yu Go! Riddim - Various Artists Track list
  1. Million Stylez - Dancehall Takeover
  2. Las Balkanieras - Yu Go!
  3. Joey Fever - Ti-Li-Boom
  4. Sanjin & Youthman - Runnin' Dis Town
  5. Red Fox & Mr. Easy - Girl A You Mi Love
  6. Serocee - Fearless
  7. Gnucci Banana - If I Go Yu Go
  8. Tom Hype - Sensi Fi Legal
  9. Rigo - Wine
  10. Emir "Youthman" Kobilic - Yu Go! Riddim Version
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Since 1999 the Germaican Records label has put out quite a few real good riddims including "Messer Banzani", "Geisha", "Pharao", "Bitch", "Cure", "Arena", and, of course, "Doctor's Darling", which is the label's best known and most successful riddim to date. After a relatively quiet period the label is back in full gear with the release of their 19th juggling affair, the infectious "Yu Go!". The name of the riddim doesn't refer to a car (actually one of the least-expensive new cars sold in the late 1980s), but to "...a person of Yugoslavian origin who sometimes immigrate into western European countries (such as Germany, Sweden Italy, Austria or Switzerland) and is often discriminated by the natives of those countries who think that YUGOS are all criminals."

Produced by Emir "Youthman" Kobilic, Bosnian immigrant to Sweden and one half of the duo Sanjin & Youthman, who provided the first single on the riddim called "Runnin' Dis Town", The "Yu Go!" riddim is a real exciting blend of an authentic sample from the Bosnian 80s music and a thumping Dancehall beat, somewhat reminiscent of late 1990s riddims such as Dave Kelly's "Showtime". From the very first effort, Million Stylez's "Dancehall Takeover", it's obvious that "Yu Go!", with its irrepressible body-shaking beats, is a real winner and dancefloor filler. With "Girl A You Mi Love", the other internationally known artists, Red Fox & Mr. Easy, deliver a real nice ladies tune. Further contributions come from a new generation of young European artists with Sanjin & Youthman's "Runnin' Dis Town", Serocee's "Fearless", and Tom Hype's "Sensi Fi Legal" being the most entertaining tunes. Despite the fact that we don't understand the lyrics, it's also a joy to listen to the title track by the (Croatian, Bosnian, Russian) female vocal trio Las Balkanieras.

"Yu Go!" is a danceable riddim that will surely appeal to the Dancehall massive.