Various - Yabby You & The Prophets: Deeper Roots Part 2 ~ More Dubs & Rarities
Yabby You & The Prophets
Pressure Sounds
CD / Dbl Vinyl LP / Digital Release
August 26, 2014

Track list
  1. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Walls Of Jerusalem (Previously Unreleased Dub Plate Mix)
  2. Yabby You & The Prophets - Thirty Pieces Of Silver (Previously Unreleased Dub Plate Mix)
  3. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Sipping I & I Chalice
  4. The Prophets - I & I Chalice Version
  5. Wayne Wade & The Prophets - Man Of The Living (Previously Unreleased Dub Plate Mix)
  6. Prophets Allstars - Psalm 16 (Previously Unreleased Mix)
  7. Yabby You & The Prophets - Chant Down Babylon Kingdom (Previously Unreleased Dub Plate Mix)
  8. The Prophets Allstars - Chant Down Babylon Version (Previously Unreleased Mix)
  9. Yabby You & The Prophets - Stop Your Quarelling (Previously Unreleased Dub Plate Mix)
  10. The Prophets Allstars - Stop Your Quarelling Version (Previously Unreleased Dub Plate Mix)
  11. The Prophets Allstars - Outside The City Walls (Previously Unreleased Mix)
  12. Vivian Jackson & The Sons of Jah - Jah Vengeance (Previously Unreleased Dub Plate Mix)
  13. Tony Tuff & The Prophets - I Canít Hide (Previously Unreleased Dub Plate Mix)
  14. The Prophets Allstars - I Can't Hide Version (Previously Unreleased Dub Plate Mix)
  15. Samuel Patterson - Time Changing (Previously Unreleased Dub Plate Mix)
  16. The Prophets Allstars - Mash Down (Previously Unreleased Mix)
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When a prolific Roots artist passes on, their works continue to manifest in triumphant proportions. This is certainly the case with YABBY YOU (Vivian Jackson), the Royal artist/producer whose tremendous works are still being discovered, rediscovered and reissued since his untimely passing on January 12, 2010. Shanachie Records is coming forth with a 'lost' album and a trifecta disc set showcasing this legend by year's end. "Deeper Roots Part 2" is the crucial follow up to Pressure Sound's huge "Part 1" set from 2012. An absolute Dread affair full of rarities and Dubplates exclusive to this label that continues to amaze. Pressure Sounds founder Pete Holdsworth met with Yabby You extensively in the 1990's and was given unbridled access to his vaults. Jeremy Collingwood supplied the sensational Dubplates and the results are amazing.

We can write volumes about Yabby You but a brief discussion is needed. His career started in 1972 with "Conquering Lion", recorded for King Tubby before producing and recording himself. He linked with legends early in their careers like Wayne Wade, Michael Rose, Michael Prophet, Tony Tuff, Trinity, Jah Stitch and many more. His own albums are all classics, like "Chant Down Babylon Kingdom" (1977), "African Queen" (1980), "Fleeing From The City" (1991) and "Jah Will Be Done" (1997). Though physically crippled for most of his life, he was powerful in studio and on stage; including a triumphant performance at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival (1999) and he performed well into the 2000's. His imprint on Roots Reggae is undeniable and forever.

This set begins with Walls Of Jersalem. An unreleased Dubplate mix, his Dread delivery floats above a thunderable bed of heavy bass, flute and keys. Sound system ready! Thirty Pieces Of Silver is one of his best songs and is presented royally. The bass is brought front and center with great bubbling and this unreleased Dubplate mix is a gem. The magic continues with Sipping I & I Chalice. A stark and Dread atmosphere that really showcases the raw emotion of Yabby You. Brings back the Golden Age with great harmony and atmosphere. The version is thunder from Mt. Zion; ethereal and mixed the right way. Man Of The Living by Wayne Wade is enormous. His humble delivery is niced up by percussion brought forward and bass like thunder. Another unreleased Dubplate mix that really holds tight. Psalm 16 is presented in an alternative mix with powerful horns and clean sound quality. Unfortunately, not all tracks have clean sound due to the sands of time. Instant rewind! Chant Down Babylon Kingdom ranks as one of Yabby You's best, circa 1976. This is pure Zion sound and is remembered as one of the most powerful anthems of the 1970's. The version is a bass rich excursion with vivid drums and guitar. This unreleased mix exemplifies the genius of the musicians on hand.

Stop Your Quarreling shows how Yabby You was always a maverick in the business. Absolute lyrics and delivery over a Dread riddim that flows freely. Standout selection (there are many). The version is equally powerful and a true musical adventure. A must for all Roots lovers! Outside The City Walls is a huge piece with triumphant horns and engaging percussion. A masterpiece for sure. Jah Vengeance is another one of Yabby You's most memorable tracks. A true warning against evil forces delivered with power and conviction. The harmony and overall atmosphere make this sure fyah. Tony Tuff's I Can't Hide shows how well Yabby You brought out the best in his artists. A youthful but wise Tony Tuff showing nuff emotion over a superb riddim. The version is presented in fine Dubplate style and will shake the bins. Turn this excursion way up! Samuel Patterson shines on Time Changing, a soulful and observant piece on the turbulent atmosphere of the times. Great artist presented in fine fashion. Mash Down is the instrumental of "Mash Down Rome" and is one of the best riddims of the 1970's. What a beautiful way to finish out this set!

YABBY YOU's "Deeper Roots Part 2" is a deep exploration of this legend's mastery. His body of work is still being unearthed and this set is a great glimpse of the genius. The selections are all top notch and being presented in unreleased Dubplate is an added bonus. There's no downtime in this fifty minutes of Zion sound. If you are familiar with Yabby You; this is an obvious recommendation; if you're not - you need to explore this set. An embracement of King's Music from the highest region. GO DEH!!!