Yabby You & Brethren - Deeper Roots ~ Dub Plates And Rarities 1976-1978
Pressure Sounds
Digital Download, CD + LP
December 11, 2012

Deeper Roots - Yabby You & Brethren Track list
  1. Smith & The Prophets - Valley Of Joeasaphat
  2. Prophet Allstars - Joeasaphat Rock
  3. King Tubby - Thanks & Praise
  4. Barrington Spence - Don't Touch I Dread
  5. Prophet Allstars - Tutch Dub
  6. Tommy McCook & King Tubby - Fighting Dub
  7. Yabby You - Deliver Me
  8. King Tubby & Yabby You - Deliver Dub
  9. Don D Jr. & The Prophets - Milk River Rock
  10. Prince Pampidoo - Dip Them Bedward
  11. The Prophets Allstars - Dub Them Bedward
  12. King Tubby & The Prophets - Dub Vengeance
  13. King Miguel - Forward On The Track
  14. King Miguel & The Prophets - Caymanas Rock
  15. King Tubby & The Prophets Allstars - Love Sweet Love Drums
  16. The Prophets Allstars - Lazy Mood
  17. King Tubby & The Prophets - Open Your Hearts
  18. King Tubby & The Prophets Allstars - Poor & Needy Dubwise
  19. Hot City Allstars - Cleo's Dub
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The late Yabby You left behind a body of work that embodies Spirituality and embraces pure Roots tradition inna royal style. The master singer and producer kept tight control of his music. In the 1990's, the Blood & Fire label was given the green light from the legend to reissue some of his vast material. Since then, there have been some crucial collections but the bar has just been raised! Pressure Sounds has done it again and compiled an unbelievable basket of rare singles, dubplates and other gems from Mr. Vivian Jackson. A nineteen track odyssey that will take your breath away.

Yabby You (Vivian Jackson) was born on Aug 14, 1946 in the Waterhouse district of Kingston, Jamaica. He had a rough childhood; partially crippled and forced into day to day survival. In 1972, he self-produced his first classic anthem, "Conquering Lion"; taking his name from the chorus of the song. Controversy swirled as he realized the divinity of Jesus, not Haile Selassie I. Still, his songs rarely deviated from Rastafari and was given another moniker, Jesus Dread. In 1975, he solidified himself with his initial full length album, "Conquering Lion" (released as "Ramadam" in U.K). His deep and spiritual delivery on top of rugged riddims achieved him cult status. He was the leader of The Prophets, which included such luminaries as Bobby Melody, Alric Forbes, Dada Smith and The Ralph Brothers and musicians like Aston Barrett and Scully Sims. He continued to release monster sets like "Chant Down Babylon Kingdom" (1977), "Deliver Me From My Enemies" (1978), "Jah Jah Way" (Island, 1980), "African Queen" (1980) and the flawless modern set, "Yabby You Meets Mad Professor and Black Steel At Ariwa Studio" (1993). Due to chronic health problems, he retreated from recording and producing in the mid 90's but still hit the festival circuit. He stole the show at 2000's Sierra Nevada World Music Festival; holding the massive in a hypnotic spell with timeless presence and delivery. Sadly, Yabby You passed onto Zion on Jan 12, 2010.

Besides being an astute singer, Mr. Jackson was a serious producer; kindling the careers of many artists. Legends like DJ Trinity, Clint Eastwood, Willie Williams, Wayne Wade, Patrick Andy and Tony Tuff all benefitted loads due to Yabby's vision. He personally guided Michael Prophet as a youthman and mentored him into a huge success on both sides of the Atlantic. His Dub albums, "King Tubby's Prophecy Of Dub" (only 500 copies pressed) and "Yabby U Meets Sly & Robbie Along With Tommy McCook" rank as two of the powerful Dub statements ever.

This extravaganza is a showcase of Yabby You's strong bond with King Tubby and it shines! Valley Of Joeasaphat by Smith And The Prophets is an organ and Niyabinghi beauty sweetened by the vocals of Dada Smith and Alric Forbes; pure Old Testament dictation here. The dubplate, Joeasaphat Rock shows the early genius of King Tubby, who allows the solid riddim no refrain. Thanks & Praise is a triumphant track that showcases the talent of hornsman Tommy McCook. Sounds like Alric Forbes vocalizing over a Sly Dunbar driven Rockers riddim and some serious organ playing. Barrington Spence's Don't Touch I Dread is the most heartfelt track here. The underecorded singer's delivery is concrete and Dread; just pure royal command. Tutch Dub is a spacy and tasty dubplate that bubbles with superior chord structure and excellence from The Prophet Allstars. Fighting Dub by King Tubby and Tommy McCook evokes the heart of Africa. A vintage Roots riddim with McCook shufflin' and Niya atmosphere. Yabby You's signature anthem fits nicely here. The humble Lion sets a Dread tone and is a great example of why he was such a great visionary. The accompanying dub shows the maturity of King Tubby. Tasty reverb and echo that was groundbreaking in this era (1970's). The ultra rare Milk River Rock by Don D Jr & The Prophets is worth the price of admission alone. It's a prominent Jazzy workout with supreme percussion that really draws you in; reminiscent of Rico's best tunes. The underrated DJ Prince Pampidoo shows up hard on Dip Them Bedward; an observation of Jamaican folklore. Prince P. is a serious chatter with a unique style supplemented by a riddim that flashes flying cymbals, great guitar and earthy tones-massive! This was recorded at Black Ark and taken to King Tubby's Drumille Ave studio for final touches; Yabby would often take tracks from various studios to Tubby for his magical touch. The dubplate exemplifies the solid foundation of The Prophet Allstars (Familyman Barrett playing a pivotal part) and sounds like the riddim was done in one take. Dub Vengeance (dub of Jah Vengeance) is a serious ting credited to King Tubby And The Prophets. This is a VERY rare find that was popular in London sound systems. A hard, organic riddim with killer percussion from Yabby You and Scully Simms.

King Miguel's Forward On The Track is ital DJ tracking! It's a keen story about necessary hustling at Caymanas Park. The DJ sounds just like Big Youth; tuff toone. The dubplate, Caymanas Rock boasts the mastery of King Tubby at the controls. The tuff riddim is transformed to intoxicating effect. Love Sweet Love Drums is an early track by Tubby and The Prophet Allstars. Once privy to South Londoners, this dub is simple but frosted to perfection at the mixing board; Familyman kills it on bass duties. The rarest gem, Lazy Mood is brought to full light nicely. It focuses on Mr. Barrett playing organ and is a full tilt skanker. Amazing find! Open Your Hearts is a sweet dub of Yabby's "Conquering Lion". Serious Niyabinghi drumming and overall bubblin' is plenty for King Tubby to play with. Poor And Needy Dubwise is a seminal time capsule with The Prophet allstars in full swing. The ites chorus is expertly faded in and out and the atmosphere is off the charts. The final rarity, Cleo's Dub is a reworking of Cleopatra Williams' "Beyond The Hills" -- pure magic. Sounds like Carlton Barrett in full dominance here; just a great time all around.

"Deeper Roots" goes deep into the vaults of Yabby You's estate. His family has been gracious enough to allow the world the cream of the crop of his bountiful crop. Keep in mind, most of these tracks were limited to 500 copies or less at initial pressing. The majority ended up in Yard and the U.K and not seeing the light of day for decades. Even though his recording and producing ceased almost a twenty years ago, Yabby You's popularity and ambience has only increased. Vivian Jackson IS the embodiment of true artist and visionary. Every piece of work he did oozes spirituality, reality and no partiality. "Deeper Roots" is a supreme recollection of his legacy. Absolute highest recommendation. GO DEH!!!