Jah Warriah Riddim
Zion High Productions
Digital Release
February 25, 2014

Track list
  1. Lutan Fyah - Beat Dem
  2. Jahdan Blaakamoore feat. Pressure Busspipe - Cycles Of Life
  3. Lloyd Brown - Not From Me
  4. Midnite - This World Happened
  5. Ziggy Recado - Many More
  6. Ras Batch - Lie From Truth
  7. Glen Washington - Touch Not The Lord's Annointed
  8. Jah Mali - How U Ago
  9. Arkaingelle - Igh Shield
  10. Queen Omega - I Am Blessed
  11. Ancient King - Righty The Trumpet
  12. Niyorah - Media Portray
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One riddim compilations. Over the decades, there have been too many to mention. Some are good and a precious few are timeless. Last year, the blessed collaboration of Zion High Productions, I Grade and Lustre Kings released the "Songbird Riddim"; the first in a series of standout riddims from this immensely successful unity. Well, they've raised the bar with follow up, "Zion I Kings Riddim Series Vol. 2 - Jah Warriah Riddim". Be prepared for a Roots Odyssey presented with pure class...

Last year, the label released classic sets from Cornell Campbell, Glen Washington, General Jah Mikey and Lloyd Brown - all received with well deserved acclaim. "Jah Warriah Riddim" first showed up on Brown's "Rootical" set with the singer's Not From Me song. Wise choice! The musical backbone is provided with the likes of Jah David, Tippy I, Andrew "Moon" Bain and the wicked horn section of Jah Bless, Balboa Becker and Derrick Harris. These ultra talented musicians/arrangers/engineers/producers have been responsible for some of the most authentic King's Music of the last decade - pure genius and dedication. Honorable mention to Elliot Leib, whose experience and tenacity is undeniable. This set opens up with Lutan Fyah's Beat Dem. The Rootsman offers hard and royal lyrics over a musical hotbed that just gets better and better with each listen. The vocalisms are similar to Daweh Congo - riddim and vocals are hand in hand. Jahdan Blaakamoore and Pressure Busspipe are brilliant on Cycles Of Life. Over Jah D's bass and Zionesque horns, the duo chant hard about truth and spirituality. Great mix and atmosphere. This World Happened by Midnite is perfection. Vaughn Benjamin never fails to deliver and the stream of consciousness seamlessly takes us from ancient to modern times in Roots manner. Ziggy Recado (Ivan Blijden) is a rising star from the Netherlands and is on the cusp of really making a name for himself. He has matured so much and Many More is a prime example. He delivers in a cool and deadly fashion that's truthful and refreshing. Be on the lookout for a massive project from Ziggy later this year! Lie From Truth by Ras Batch is a standout selection. A thoughtful anthem - "lie from truth..living in today's world..so much deception..separation from lie and truth". A pertinent lesson delivered gorgeously.

Glen Washington lends his throaty appeal to Touch Not The Lord's Annointed". This is a spiritual hymn that is so sincere and soulful. Ranks as one of his best (he has put out heaps of work). Jah Mali is a totally underrecorded artist that has put out works of The Highest Order. He royally shines on How U Ago. He possesses a vibrant vocal range and his delivery is mesmerizing. Sounds similar to Ras Shiloh ("Babylon You Doom") but a style all his own. Great tune that demands rewinda. Arkaingelle is a rising Roots crusader whose humble and poetic style is a blessing. He scores on Igh Shield. An ites Rasta anthem, his delivery is on par with Army ("Dredlocks Time") and makes the most of the riddim that is still urgent. Queen Omega is one of the top singers out deh! She commands the mic and the stage with regal power and I Am Blessed truly shows that. A proud and triumphant work that showcases her incredible vocal range and power. One of the bonafide Queens of Reggae Music in every sense. Righty The Trumpet by Ancient King is pure genius! With a hard hitting edge, he reminds us to "do not give a song that's weak". This Rootsman has always offered impeccable work and this anthem is a reminder to not dwell in partiality. Great song of reality. This set closes with Niyorah's Media Portray. What a boomshot! A pure observation of Babylon deception that lights up the atmosphere. He has grown from album to album and this rousing track befits his prominence as a true Virgin Island Roots Reggae warrior. So talented, so ready fe the world!

Zion I Kings continues their reputation as putting out only the best and most authentic King's Music with "Jah Warriah Riddim". From the riddim selection to the Roots roster to the subtle mix and musicianmanship; this is the result of an unwavering vision to keep Jah Music alive. Every track is aptly suited to the riddim and that is no easy feat. The stamp of excellence is stamped firmly on this exciting new offering. Highest recommendation across the board. GO DEH!!!!!!!!!!!!