Zion Riddim
Heartbeat Europe
December 21, 2005

Track list
  1. Turbulence - Rastafari Livity
  2. Lorenzo - You Always Deliver
  3. Tony Rebel - Why People
  4. Morgan Heritage feat. Ras Mac Bean - Lion Is King
  5. Capleton - Throw Us Down
  6. Lukie D - Laugh
  7. Spectacular - Rasta
  8. Chezidek - Better Not
  9. Lutan Fyah - Intoxicated
  10. Malijah - Cease All War
  11. Ras Mac Bean - Dragon
  12. Mafia & Fluxy - Zion
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
What's the use of featuring 20 cuts or more of a riddim on cd? Usually it's boring to listen to such one-riddim sets, not least because it's almost impossible to produce such an amount of cuts without having fillers amongst them. Above all you need a good riddim, one that has the quality to keep you involved till the very end and leaves one longing for more. This Mafia & Fluxy built "Zion" riddim for French sound system and label 'Irie Ites' is a good one and comes in at 12 tracks (including the version). Earlier this year these tunes were released on 7" singles -- except for 2 exclusiv tracks, namely Capleton's "Throw Us Down" and Lukie D's "Laugh" -- and now there's a cd which gathers them all on one place. From start to finish we're treated to modern roots music with conscious lyrics from established artists and promising newcomers. The album opener is a very strong tune delivered by Turbulence, who hails King Selassie I in the powerful "Rastafari Livity". Lorenzo is one of the lesser known artists featured here. This up-and-coming singer, utilizing a vocal style reminiscent of Jahmali, shows good potential with "You Always Deliver", another tune in which Jah is praised. "Why People" brings us reggae veteran Tony Rebel chanting in his typical style. A strong effort with fine lyrical content in which he asks questions about alot of things in life. One of the best tracks included on this cd comes from Morgan Heritage & Ras Mac Bean. "Lion Is King" is a very good tune the Guyanese singjay delivers in combination with the popular vocal group. This tune was also included on Ras Mac Bean's 2004 debut album "Pack Up And Leave" and actually kickstarted this 'version excursion'. Ras Mac Bean has recorded a solo piece for the riddim entitled "Dragon", which matches his combination tune. Capleton hardly fails to make a serious impression when he has to ride a roots riddim and "Throw Us Down" is no exception as it is an above par tune worth of hearing. A pleasant surprise is the Lukie D track "Laugh", which shows that this too often overlooked fine singer is also able to impress with a conscious reggae tune. Spectacular's "Rasta" and Chezidek's "Better Not" are both decent efforts, followed by Lutan Fyah's truly excellent "Intoxicated", a meaningful song with rich lyrics that touches your very soul. Malijah is a new singer whose "Cease All War" is a nice piece, but in the end turns out to benefit from the riddim. The cd rounds off in fine style with the clean version of the "Zion" riddim.