Zum Zum Hits ~ King of Dancehall (2005)
November 9, 2005

Track list
  1. Oh Day - Beenie Man
  2. Pon di Corner - So Jah
  3. Puff It - Vybz Kartel & Wayne Marshall
  4. Bun Bad Mind - Elephant Man
  5. Turn It Up - Capleton
  6. Never Give Up The Fight - Mad Cobra
  7. Murder - Chuck Fender
  8. Temptin Me - T.O.K
  9. Come Over - Lukie D
  10. We Must Survive - Spragga Benz
  11. Beautiful World - Sizzla
  12. I Love You - Warrior King
  13. Gangstarz - Sanchez & Mr G
  14. Why Must We Suffer - Singing Sweet
  15. Sweet Love Sweet - Cocoa Tea
  16. Everybody Knows - Buju Banton
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 3 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 2
"Zum Zum Hits - King of Dancehall Reggae (2005)" is a Japanese import CD featuring sixteen tracks from dancehall heavyweights such as Elephant Man, T.O.K and Beenie Man. The album is characterised by a certain novelty or sing-a-long value to the tracks it hosts, most prevalently in So Jah's "Pon Di Corner", Cobra's "Never Give Up The Fight" and Sizzla's "Beautiful World". The first half of the album is very promising with the Cobra and So Jah tunes mentioned, as well as Capleton and Elephant Man all delivering strong dancehall tracks. In addition there are a few roots-style offerings from Chuck Fender's "Murder", Buju Banton's "Everybody Knows" and "Why Must We Suffer" from Singing Sweet. Presumably included to provide some variety and break up the harder dancehall tunes, these tracks are welcome but end up sounding a little out of place. The second half of the CD is an unpredictable affair, containing the two weakest tracks, in the form of T.O.K's disappointingly lame "Temptin Me" and Spragga Benz's clumsy "We Must Survive", as well as one of the stronger in Cocoa Tea's excellent "Sweet Love Sweet". All in all "Zum Zum Hits" is not worth going out of your way to get your hands on - the balance of good and bad make it a fairly decent but unspectacular offering.